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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Stand up for a good night out in Lincoln.

Maybe it’s the university, maybe we’ve all got better at taking opportunities when they arise but you’ve got to say there’s plenty to do in Lincoln these days with good quality entertainment on offer at the various venues.

Last night it was Andy Parsons at the Engine Shed, a name that seemed to particularly tickle the now well established stand up comedian and TV personality. In fact Parsons is on so much that he’s in danger of becoming mainstream which probably wouldn’t please him.

We saw the West Country comedian at the Drill Hall maybe a year or two ago and he’s matured as a performer and possibly it was more of a belly laugh when he was in his more frantic earlier days, indeed there was almost a touch of Dave Allen when he actually sat on the bar stool provided and chatted to the audience about his own early days as a comedian, performing to almost no one and even they had not paid or were at the wrong show. That’s not to say it was not funny because it was. Very funny and really quite rude.

Andy delivered an effortless new routine, probably a little more effortless than the audience who took a while to warm up but once they got going they were cheering for more at the end which of course they got. The reason I say of course is that we were told he was going to go off and come back for an encore if we made enough noise. That’s Andy Parsons, nothing left to chance. The usual mickey take of the venue, Lincoln, the railway crossing they were all there. Hopefully he’ll be back and I would imagine most if not all of last nights audience will want to be there too.

In the weeks to come we’ve got tickets for Jack Dee, Chris Addison and Sarah Millican. If we can get in we’re planning on seeing Mark Watson and Stewart Lee and that’s outside the Lincoln Comedy Festival. There are good musical acts on at the Engine Shed too, if you can get in quick enough to beat the students.

Engine Shed, Drill Hall, Theatre Royal, Terry O’Toole theatre and many others, great venues to enjoy great live entertainment in a great little city. Make sure you enjoy it yourself.

                                      Nicked from Andys web site, I'm sure he won't mind!

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