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Friday, 21 June 2013

Fans seem to be getting back onside. Are you positive?

Lincoln City, no doubt hoping to shift a few more, have confirmed that season ticket sales are up a bit on last year. It’s a quiet time of course but all the signs are that an increasing number of fans will be spending their Saturday afternoons where any self respecting chap or chapess for that matter should be, Sincil Bank.

We had the conundrum of the Chairman hinting that the budget would increase only to discover that it would remain the same. Presumably the manager has been told that any increase in revenue caused by an upturn of interest would be met by an increase in the amount of money available.

Andrew Boyce has been the headline signing recently, keeping the manager on tenterhooks, presumably waiting to see if any better offers materialise. I’m not going to pretend I’m not excited by that news but for me the capture of Tom Miller has really got my juices flowing.

Jamie Taylor has gone, well we all knew that would happen at the end of last season and Vadaine Oliver, we couldn’t have expected to hang on to him for much longer even if he had re signed so good luck to them both. They were bright lights in another forgettable season.

The new players seem to have met with the approval of those fans I’ve spoken to so, every reason to approach the forthcoming season with a bit of optimism. Let’s hope that’s not all evaporated by the end of the summer, when it gets here.

The players will be returning from their break soon although with the advent of twitter some fans have been fed a constant diet of titbits whilst all has been quiet on the playing front. Friendlies will soon be upon us, increasing the anticipation another notch. Yes, footie? I don’t mind if I do.