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Thursday, 22 March 2012

The peasants are revolting.

Another week another low. We have the consummate public relations guru, David Holdsworth who talks a good game but has led Lincoln City to the brink of oblivion and we have a board of directors who are doing a valiant job under extremely trying conditions but who, this week, have managed to alienate most of their supporters, even former chairman Rob Bradley, with an ill worded plea for unity.

The statement, which you can read on the official website, brands worried fans who are planning a public protest this coming Saturday as “a disgrace” and suggests the supporters are motivated by a desire to undermine the board of directors and to put the clubs Blue Square Bet status at risk. Whilst not condoning public protests which may indeed be counter productive, one would presume the protesters motivation is quite the reverse and that they wish to draw attention to the fact that the club seem to be heading in exactly the same direction as last season. Bob Dorrian was on the radio last Tuesday evening to say the board were confident the club could avoid relegation. Fair enough but in almost the same sentence Dorrian stated that the board did nothing to replace the then manager last season as they were equally confident that time. Well, City can’t be accused of being wise after the event.

An alternative statement was suggested in another fans website which, again you can read for yourself. That in this correspondents view would have put the same message across but not enraged the fans and might have even headed off the protest. As it is the numbers will probably be increased as a result of the clubs “let them eat cake” stance. Perhaps we should try David Holdsworth on publicity and Bob Dorrian in charge of the team. He was quite a handy footballer wasn’t he and there is a precedent for an exasperated Lincoln chairman taking over in the dugout!

This sideshow is in danger of taking centre stage which, you may recall should be occupied by the home game against Newport County. In today’s Echo there is a piece by Leigh Curtis in which he sets out his thoughts on City’s and all their rivals prospects for the remainder of the season. He has the Imps down for a home win so, there’s your reason to get down to Sincil Bank to witness that rare event, a win for City that is, not to take part in the other thing.

Having name dropped Leigh for the umpteenth time this season and quoted from his articles copiously it would only be right of me to urge you to buy your Echo, if you’re not already a subscriber, every Thursday. Today’s is the usual cracking read. Other publications available.

Monday, 19 March 2012

The Emperor fiddles while Rome burns.

Last week, considering something for the blog, like a lot of writers I had been mulling over some ideas to put in writing when I had the time. You won’t be surprised to hear it was to be another diatribe on the pain and futility of being an Imps fan and that’s what I intended when I sat down to write it.

Searching for inspiration I logged on to Imps Player and listened to Su Whittaker of BBC Lincolnshire talking to David Holdsworth. It was such a good interview I wrote about that, in fact it was almost a transcript of Holdsworth, word for word. I thought, surely, despite the fact it’s how most of us feel readers are tired of reading the same old complaints, lack of a settled team, poor or at least ineffectual tactics, lack of wins or indeed points at the moment.

David Holdsworth is a persuasive and convincing speaker, he exudes humility and confidence, one can easily imagine that the board of directors, even now, could believe Holdsworth is the man to lead to better things; it’s only a matter of time before the teams fortunes improve. Chopping and changing managers is generally not a recipe for steady improvement, you only have to look at Chelsea to see that. Similarly though, sticking with a manager who talks a good game but is not delivering the goods is not a recipe for survival either. A board surely will want to see the green shoots of recovery, to quote a much used phrase. Can they? We fans do not have the day to day communication that those in charge do but is there anything in City’s recent form to suggest there is any light at the end of the tunnel? Three defeats on the trot, eight games since the last win, three points from the last seven games, one win in fourteen games. How much more do we want? How much more can we take?

There are those yet who plead for time, including our esteemed Lincoln City reporter with the Lincolnshire Echo, Leigh Curtis but for this fan time has run out. City are in a downward spiral of defeat, dropping attendances and it does not even look as if the team, Holdsworths team largely, is playing for him.

On the day that Gary Simpson was sacked by Macclesfield Town it’s worth considering that there are decent capable managers out there who, presumably, would rather work than not and might well be prepared to come and work with what City have, try to get the best out the players, find the right team and stick with it. Even on a short term basis. If they’re successful well that’s the interview done. David Holsworth’s solution? We are trying to sign Jude Sterling.

That’s enough for me. I scan twitter and the net for some news. By the look of it so do you.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Trust a woman to hit the nail on the head.

In this most desperate of seasons it’s easy to lose sight of certain aspects of City’s world amid all the doom and gloom. Su Whittaker is BBC Lincolnshire’s interviewer at the weekly press conference down at Sincil Bank. Maybe I’m wrong but there always seems to be an aspect of, let’s get this bit out of the way then us chaps can have some serious discussion about football but Su asked the question that the male press wouldn’t have thought of. She asked a surprised David Holdsworth how he felt:-

“Thanks for asking, you’re the first person to ask actually. Look I think I came into the job well aware it would be a tough one, probably didn’t realise how tough and it probably wasn’t on the top of Mr Dorrian’s tongue to tell me about certain aspects but I’m a big boy, I have to take some elements and think why have they got so bad, why were they so bad and how can we change that, those things and these things can’t be changed overnight and they certainly haven’t been changed overnight, they’ve been mended and fixed? Tried to be but me, myself, I’m a very motivated person, I’m a fighter, I don’t mind a fight, I don’t mind rolling my sleeves up, I was like that as a person, as a player and I think people in the game will understand what I’m talking about is that, sometimes things don’t always go your way, I don’t mind rolling my sleeves up and getting dirty, it’s tough days, you ask yourself why? But I do enjoy it, I’m certainly enjoying the task we have here.”

Do your family understand that on some Saturday nights you’re sometimes best to be avoided?

“My wife is a very understanding lady, my children are fantastic, that’s probably the aspect, what people don’t realise, you come into, you take an opportunity like this, I enjoy it but there’s some days that you go home and you think I won’t bother keeping that phone on if you like but I think there’s a lot of managers out there who are in the same bracket and that’s what makes you want to thrive, to be successful. I do and I feel that there’s been a lot of success since we’ve been here but there’s still lots to be attended to. I’m very much a realist, it’s a fact that I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Trying to explain that to other people and for them to understand it is a different matter but all I can do is keep erm, I’ve learned a lot in the time I’ve been a manager so, you know, I don’t get too high and I don’t get too low. There are days when you can’t put your finger on the button straight away and you have to analyse things that’s why I’m a huge believer of looking further into things and people. I can only prepare a side for the football club given the resources I have and after that, sometimes, when they take to the field, you’d like not to think, cross your fingers but sometimes you do.”

Women eh, what do they know? What does this tell us about David Holdsworth and the teams prospects? Ask again at five. It’s a big one alright.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Lincolnshire this week.

The Red Arrows are off for their annual warm weather training in Cyprus which, under normal circumstances would be a case of nice work if you can get it but of course the Reds have had more than their share of heartache over the past twelve months Two pilots have been lost and, recently Flt Lt Kirsty Stewart has left the flying side of the operation to a ground based role. Consequently the aerobatic aces will operate this season with an unusual seven in the formation. They normally fly with nine. The summer presents an opportunity for life with the Reds to begin to return to normal with a full programme of displays and the team are expected to take a prominent part in the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust was in the news as the press jumped on increased car parking charges, Lincolnshire being one of the highest rises at 112% although the trust disputes the figures.

A rural broadband firm, Next Genus is on the point of collapse having failed to find any viable source of funds. The company was set up to help areas of the country access high speed internet connections and has been popular in Lincolnshire. Yellow Belly surfers will soon find their service terminated though as the company revealed they had no realistic prospects of it being able to pay it’s creditors.

East Lindsey District Council has done an about turn on a proposed development in Mablethorpe. The scheme, by Lindum Group of Lincoln was for 180 houses and a supermarket and was initially turned down. Now the £50m build can go ahead as the Council re heard the application.

Belvoir Castle has appointed an agent to look after its lettings portfolio. The castles estate runs to over 300 residential properties and until recently administered the renting themselves. However the Duchess of Rutland has now appointed a specialist agency to deal with the management:-

“So many people are now moving out of London and the southern counties, as they search for a peaceful and safe place to live, although some retain their London homes for investment purposes.

“The Belvoir Castle estate is very much a hidden gem in the heart of England.” Said the Duchess.

The castles choice? It had to be Belvoir lettings. The regional firm has offices throughout the county.

Two of the county’s biggest football clubs have been doing battle this week. In court rather than on the pitch. Boston United were miffed at Grimsby Town enticing their managerial partnership to Blundell Park. The Pilgrims sought compensation and when the Mariners refused to cooperate the Pilgrims owner, David Newton demanded justice through the courts. Boston emerged the victors and Newton was jubilant:-

“We did try to settle this matter some months ago at a figure less than the damages now awarded and hence remain very sad that the matter had to be concluded in court.

“We had a great relationship with Rob and Paul and it was not pleasant sat on opposite sides of a courtroom.

“We are pleased the matter has now been concluded and hope that good relations can once again be restored with all the people at Grimsby Town Football Club.

Popular beat combo JLS will be performing in the county this summer. The X Factor graduates have proved themselves with MOBO and Brit awards and the Lincolnshire girlies had better get their screaming voices revved up for 2 September at the Lincolnshire Events Centre which for the uninitiated is at the Lincolnshire Showground. The events centre are delighted at the coup:-

“We’re delighted to be welcoming such a fabulous group to the Lincolnshire Events Centre. The 200-acre Lincolnshire Showground is the perfect venue for large music concerts. Said director of the centre Jayne Southall.

“Last year we were proud to host Scouting for Girls and we’re getting more and more enquiries for concerts and festivals which can only be good for lovers of live music in the county as well as local businesses.”

That’s it for this week. Hope your weekend is a screeching success.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Grey Day.

In the morning I awake,
My arms my legs my body aches,
The sky outside is wet and grey
So begins another weary day.
So begins another weary day

That’s the chorus from the song Grey Day as performed by Madness and it’s tempting to simply write, that’s what it feels like to be an Imp at the moment thank you very much, goodnight. To elaborate a little though, where do we go from here? As mentioned before it’s scarily like last season and the way things look, the same outcome too. To listen to David Holdsworth, nothing to do with him, some players not subscribing to the correct thinking blah blah:-

"It’s a disappointing result and very frustrating. I won't say we've battered them but we've been the better team.

"I care about this club, the fans, everyone involved with this club, but we've got seven or eight boys who are on very little money. They're honest and I'll take that any day but if you can't keep a clean sheet you won't win a football match.

"Alfreton are lucky to go home with a win but they've taken the points and we have to look at why we keep conceding and certain people have to stand up and be counted. If they're not up for the fight, they won't play.

"I'm fuming. I'm sick to death of letting in soft goals, but when you have weak mentalities sometimes it frustrates the life out of me and we need to deal with it."

48% possession for the home team suggests anything but a battering Mr Holdsworth. Or being the better team. The manager talks a good game but frankly there has been no inkling that better times may be around the corner. What is usually around the corner are more journeymen, hopefuls, has beens and never were’s . A grey day indeed. Time for a change because anything is better than this.

It’s easy to point the finger, usually in the direction of Bob Dorrian, but when you interview a managerial candidate as convincing as David Holdsworth and you hear his vision for the future of the club, his methodology (he’s got an ‘ology) it all sounds so rosy coupled with the fact that he was obviously prepared to work without a contract and was able to secure players on low contracts, most fans can understand why the club went for him but the plain fact of the matter is most supporters could do at least as well managerially simply by the law of averages. No matter how poor teams are they will win eventually. Lincoln City are in urgent need of wins rather more technically and scientifically engineered than that. For someone so good at PR the statement we’re rubbish but we’re cheap really won’t do.

Oh and by the way. You can win a football match without a clean sheet. You have to score more than the opposition. Simples.

Friday, 9 March 2012

The good old days?

Do you remember the days when every game at Sincil Bank was an important one? You got used to the pressure, lapped it up in fact. City didn’t always win, a particular trait of Keith Alexander’s teams, win away, draw at home but the worst that could happen is the Imps would slip to mid table and out of the playoff places. Now, every game is an important one and for all the wrong reasons as City peer into an abyss that truly none of us have any experience of.

Joe Anyon, speaking to the press at the weekly get together revealed that a full and frank exchange of views took place after the Mansfield defeat. The problem is that with every new low many supporters simply give up on the club, for the moment at least and it will be interesting to see how many turn up on Saturday to see the team take on Alfreton, one of the few teams with a better view of the pit than us.

Our esteemed Lincolnshire Echo writer, Leigh Curtis urges fans to get behind the manager and that is the only right and proper advice to give but it’s with a very uncertain heart that we do when any improvement in the teams fortunes is so slight. David Holdsworth’s reaction to the current malaise? Sign some more players. Every successful manager’s mantra seems to this untutored eye, find your best team. Stick to it and play a settled side. Clearly we are not to have that luxury as City restlessly thrash about looking for salvation.

Anyway, to business and Alfreton, below the Imps in the table so an easy victory right? Well, if we thought that before we were swiftly disabused of that notion as the boys from Derbyshire dumped City out of the FA Cup when most of us were expecting progress in that competition. That was the game, you may recall, when Joe Anyon was sent off and it took him some time to get back into the side subsequently:-

"The first game in the FA Cup brings back horrible memories for me," said the stopper

"People have said their lad got me sent off, but it's a long season and what goes around often comes around.

"I feel as if I have a point to prove to them and nothing would give me greater pleasure then walking off that pitch at 5pm with a smile on my face.

"That way we know we will have beaten them which will not only be good for the team but for me as well because of what happened.

"It's a big game for both of the teams, but we will be ready."

Anyon persisted with the “big club” epithet that is starting to irk some fans who point out that it doesn’t seem that way to them:-

"You need 11 captains out there because it's no good just having three or four out there, we all need to be at it and really should be a given," he said.

"This is a really important period for us especially with the run of games coming up because we play a lot of the teams who are around us.

"People are already saying that we are going to be involved in another relegation scrap and we don't want that.

"This is Lincoln City and we are a big club and it's down to myself and the players to make sure the fans don't go through what they did last season.

"If that means throwing yourself into the way of shots and getting hurt for the cause then that's what you have got to do.

"At the end of the day if it stops a goal then you have done the job. I want to be talking about clean sheets, not about soft goals we have conceded.

"It's not just the defence, it's the whole team. We have a responsibility to the football club, the fans and ourselves.

"I know for a fact if somebody had thrown themselves in front of the shot which led to Mansfield's second goal, then it wouldn't have gone in.

"If it means getting a kick, a cut or a massive bruise then you have to live with it. If you can't then you should find a different sport to play.”

At the risk of labouring the point this is professional football, a spectator sport and as far as the fans are concerned many of them will be finding a different sport to watch or, perish the thought, a different team. That truly would be a very regrettable outcome.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Lincolnshire this week.

Lincolnshire has a new Chief Constable. Deputy Chief Constable Neil Rhodes will step up to the role of Chief, on a temporary basis when present boss Richard Crompton retires on 31 March. The policing situation in Lincolnshire was rather shrouded in mystery when, no sooner had the deal with G4S to take over much of the police’s responsibilities been sealed than Chief Crompton announced his retirement from the force. Hopefully things will settle down now with Mr Rhodes now in charge until March 2013.

A seven figure bid for the Lawn Complex has been made by Jonathan Pass, the owner of the adjoining Charlotte House Hotel. The bid envisages turning the building into a hotel and conference venue. The plans would also include revamping the Joseph Banks Conservatory:-

"I'm really passionate about Lincoln and believe this city has huge potential," said Mr Pass.

"The Lawn could be the third jewel in the city's crown alongside the castle and the cathedral.

"It is a fantastic building with a rich heritage and we want to turn it into Lincoln's stately home.

“The experience I’ve had transforming Charlotte House Hotel from a derelict building into a thriving business demonstrates an understanding of the site and the potential of The Lawn.

“We hosted over 150 weddings last year, the location proving ideal.

“I am hopeful we will be successful.

“I really want to see the building play its part in the city’s economic growth rather than be turned into flats.”

The Lindongate scheme has hit the headlines again after Lincoln City Council granted planning permission for the shopping and transport project. The first phase would see a new footbridge over the railway although this will not immediately solve the High Street level crossing log jam. The bridge will include lifts though which will assist prams and those with mobility issues. The development includes a department store but it is not known which one and a transport hub which will do away with the eyesore that is the present bus station and link train arrivals with buses seamlessly.

Troubled Lincolnshire hospital, the Pilgrim, Boston has finally had some good news. The Care Quality Commission has re inspected the Pilgrim, which serves the community in the south of the county and declared it much improved. The hospital has had a series of calamitous reports and even had student nurses withdrawn as a result of poor standards at one stage, culminating in the CQC issuing a damning appraisal of the Pilgrims failings in a report out last year. Now the commission has visited again and pronounced the hospital much improved although there is still work to be done:-

Jennie Negus, Deputy Director of Patient Services at United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, said: "We are extremely pleased by the findings of the latest CQC report.

"We recognise there is still more to be done and we will continue to work hard to address all the issues raised by the CQC to ensure the care we deliver is of a consistently high standard across all our hospitals."

A Lincolnshire swimmer has again defied the odds to land a place in the GB Olympic team. Kate Heywood has booked her place but there was heartache as Lizzie Simmonds missed out. The pair were competing in the British Championships which double as the Qlympic trial.

Popular Lincoln boozer, The Strugglers has scooped the CAMRA best pub in Lincoln accolade for the second time in three years. The real ale Shangri-la beat off competition once again to claim the award. Landlady Anna, obviously so famous she has no need of a surname said:-

"To win this award again is absolutely tremendous, it is a wonderful accolade,"

"Our success is down to the interest that our staff and myself give the customers when presenting them with beers from local breweries.

"We also get ales from further afield – for example we had a beer from the Orkney Islands recently.

"It is lovely just to be able to bring in different beers for people who can't get further afield to try them."

"As a landlady you have to have an interest in what you are doing and love the ales.

"That comes from my team of staff too who love working here.

That would appear to be as appropriate a spot to say farewell for the week as any so I’ll say cheers for now and enjoy your weekend whatever watering hole you may find yourself in.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Many unhappy returns.

Last week we had the rather unfortunate return of Kyle Perry to Sincil Bank when the burly striker rammed the taunts of his detractors straight back down their throats. This week it’s David Holdsworth’s turn, returning to his former stamping ground, Mansfield. They are not particularly backward in coming forward in Mansfield and Holdsworth had already said he was expecting a warm reception and by that he didn’t mean a nice round of applause.

Stags were in no mood to put the welcome bunting out and City returned to Lincoln with nothing to show for their efforts. Six hundred and twenty seven, that’s right six hundred and twenty seven Imps were at Field Mill to see yet another capitulation, this time at the hands of resurgent and rampant hosts. We can only hope for such resurrection as this, Stags having suffered in the past but are well and truly on the up and with Grimsby Town showing every sign of making their stay in non league football as brief as possible even the local angle looks like being taken from us before long.

David Holdsworth talks a good game and he seems as confident as usual. The number of Imps sharing that confidence dwindles as each game passes. Five games without a win have now passed with just three points gained from those five matches. Eerily and frighteningly reminiscent of last season, looking back to Christmas and the last twelve games the situation looks even more desperate, just one win and eight points gained from a possible thirty six.

Rob Bradley (how we could do with his steadying influence now) made a telling comment on the day Steve Tilson was sacked. When asked whether Tilson should have been sacked on the last day of the season, Bradley stated that many a chairman would have wielded the axe before the end of the season to secure the necessary points needed to ensure survival.

City need points and at this rate no guarantee that they will be gained. The present manager’s lack of a contract the one plus point in all this. City’s record in appointing managers lately is one of the many minuses and before anyone is accused of being smart after the event we all have to hold our hands up and admit that many if not most of us approved of the appointments.

Friday, 2 March 2012

An MC from Grimsby? There’s something fishy going on.

The Red Herring Comedy Club. Drill Hall Lincoln.

I was supposed to have a free ticket for the monthly Red Herring comedy night although as it happens one of our party could not come due to other commitments so I had ordered three tickets for the others and didn’t claim the freebie. It turned out to still be good value at £9 for an advance ticket. For that you get a good MC, despite the fact he’s from Grimsby and two very good comedians. You also get a different audience to the ones for the more established TV performers, far more up for it, lots of all girl groups out for a night on the town and a lot of audience participation. A different reaction from the performers too, they expect anyone heckling to be able to stand up for themselves. If you’re going to heckle, at least make it funny, said one performer.

MC Lloyd Griffiths started the proceedings off, no mean comedian himself he was filling in until the “proper comedians” appeared. He seemed to be doing pretty well with an easy rapport with the receptive audience who helped him along with lots of offerings when he decided to question the punters, where are you from? Any students in? That kind of thing (There weren’t).

First up was Danny McLoughlin. He’s supported Mickey Flanagan and Sean Lock on tour. Danny hasn’t been around for long but he’s got a bright future ahead on this evidence.

Back with Lloyd Griffiths for a few more laughs before the interval and another beer in the bar. You can take your drinks into the auditorium which makes for an informal “club” atmosphere although it's rows of seats rather than tables.

Lloyd again after the break before the final act, Steve Shanyaski and a brilliant set of silliness, daft accents and a song to finish. His slot absolutely flew by, a sure sign of an entertainer. He’s been on TV himself with an appearance on Jason Manford’s comedy rocks. Expect to see him a lot more.

A final few words from MC Griffiths and that was that for another month. A very good night out with a difference for just £9 if you book in advance, £10 if you turn up on the night. I would very much recommend that you try it for yourself.

Lincolnshire this week.

A new report claims the proposed Boston Flood Barrier will encourage tourism in the town and aid regeneration. As well as reducing the flood risk the report states that river levels through the town, on the tidal Haven stretch will be deepened meaning boat traffic will be able to approach the new Black Sluice lock at all states of the tide. At present the river reduces to not much more than a trickle at low tide. The Black Sluice lock opens up the possibility of travel through from Lincoln, with its connections to the Trent and the Humber, to Ely and Peterborough, eventually.

We’ve had damage to Lincolnshire roads by severe winter conditions, now local authorities in the east, including Lincs, are petitioning the government for help towards damage caused by drought conditions. The affected roads are in the Holbeach , Spalding, Boston and Bourne as well as surrounding areas and a joint approach, to pay for repairs over and above wear and tear is to be made by Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire County Councils and Peterborough Unitary Authority.

Royal Air Force and Royal Navy pilots have held a joint training exercise over the skies above RAF Waddington in preparation for the Olympics. Exercise Taurus Mountain 2 involved tracking a suspicious aircraft and dealing with the threat. Air traffic control from the station were involved as were Typhoons, Sea King surveillance aircraft, Puma and Lynx helicopters and air defence missile systems.

In a sad sign of the times, two long established shops have closed in Boston. Millets, on the Market Place have closed their door for the last time. Part of the Blacks company which was bought out by JD Sports Fashion, Millets was closed as the group ended trading at underperforming stores. In the same week local electrical business Yates and Greenhough ceased trading having closed other shops in Lincolnshire previously. The locally owned business could no longer compete with internet sales and supermarkets.

Lincolnshire swimmer Chloe Hannam is hoping to secure a place in the GB Olympic team. The 15 year old from the South Lincs team told Look North she has qualified for the 400m individual medley and the 200m backstroke in the forthcoming trails at the London Aquatic Centre:-

"It's going to be really exciting and also really nerve-wracking but I'm trying not to think about it too much or I'll get really really nervous,"

"I've surprised myself how far I've got, so I just keep working hard and South Lincs [club] have been really supportive."

Gainsborough born author Margaret Dickinson has returned to the town to sign copies of her new book, Jenny’s War. Readers queued out of the door of W H Smith to get a signed copy of the tale of a young girl evacuated to Lincolnshire from the East End of London. Margaret continues to write despite having already had published more than 30 novels. She told the Gainsborough Standard:-

“I grew up in Beckingham until I was about seven but I’ve always come back to Gainsborough to see relatives here. I can just about remember back to the floods of 1947 when I was five,” she added

“You don’t just write a book, and it gets published. It’s not that simple, and I’ve got seven novels in the loft, which have never been printed.”

“I would just like to thank everyone in Gainsborough for their interest and loyalty. I hope they enjoy the book, and they enjoyed coming to the signing, and all being well I will see everyone again next year.”

A much loved but now sadly underused attraction in Skegness, the boating lake is to be partly closed. The feature, which had become neglected and of limited appeal is to be partly reborn as a wildlife area. This is part of a £600000 revamp of the foreshore by East Lindsey District Council. Skegness Mayor Steve Kirk said:- "I can remember plenty of people having a fantastic time down there - good wholesome fun but times have moved on.

"Times are a-changing and as a result we need to change with them.

"This will be an additional attraction. It's taking a bit of the boating lake which is under-utilised and making it something which people who are into wildlife can enjoy.

That’s it for another week. Hope the weekend will float your boat wherever in the world you yellowbellies are.