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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Do you ever jump out of bed full of the joys of spring ready to grasp the day with gusto? Me neither, not on a weekday anyway but I just had one, it being a Saturday. There was a bit on television with some children and a couple of adults dancing it was so uplifting. It's a beautiful morning here in Lincolnshire, got up soon after sunrise.

The dishwasher didn't do so well so I had to do some by hand. Even that didn't dampen my mood. Long may it continue.

Friday night- Saturday morning

Well you can't accuse me of lack of application, never can seem to sleep in on a Saturday these days. Here as you can see is this seasons team picture, don't they look lovely? Our hopes and dreams for another season made flesh. Lets hope for a good one.
Just done a bit more on the next article, it certainly isn't a problem getting words on the page, more keeping it down to the maximum 1000 words, let's hope it stays that way.
I realise I have to do more research than I have been doing and I'm certainly struck by the sheer number of people writing about the Imps, all wondering as I do whether anyone will be interested in or even read what they have written. There seems to be a certain nobility about supporting such a lowly side, that's how I feel at the moment; noble.

Friday, 30 July 2010

Late evening session

Felt the urge to write after falling asleep in the study watching a program on the i player, feel quite refreshed now so knocked out 400 words or so of an article for next week.

Bit disappointed that my last article uploaded at about 10 ish last night hasn't appeared in the magazine. I had enrolled on 606 and got a really good tweet ready to go out. I realise now if I didn't before that writing is just the start of it and you have to go all out for self publicity so have asked my daughter Emily if she will help by pushing me on facebook which is alien territory to me and I have no intention of joining myself, I'm far too old for that but Em will get her crowd wound up I'm sure.

It's been a lovely evening, just the two of us listening to Heart fm eating our dinner. Don't think that would have been allowed if Em had been around. Well I think that's enough for tonight, don't want to turn into a nocturnal writer so I'll call it a day.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Evening Session

Here I sit for a final session at the keyboard for today. The next article is proof read by my wife and uploaded to the editorial department at GMF. I hope it will be on the web sometime tomorrow, in time for the weekend, will send a tweet when it's on.

We will be putting some of my stuff on the blog at the weekend, there's a short story/diary that I wrote thinking I would attempt to get published but the givemefootball job came up. My first GMF story can now go on the blog together with the eulogy that I wrote for my Uncle Bill, this would be a suitable place for it. Although it's hardly give up the day job stuff this writing is tremendously exciting and a great opportunity and I have been given some good hints that I hope may get my work noticed, then work really could become a pleasure. Here I am at 10 o'clock in the evening bashing away but it sure doesn't seem like toil to me.

29 July 2010 Day one

Day one of my blog and this is just a tester really, sat at my desk in the lunch break.

Tonight I shall be sending my latest article in to givemefootball so sent round a teaser on Twitter just to let people know it's on the way.