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Monday, 29 December 2014

Fairytale of Blundell Park.

I’m beginning to really like this new manager, I like the playing style and I like his lack of ego. Just lately we’ve had David Preece and Grant Brown doing the post-match interviews. Given that Chris Moyses doesn’t come over particularly well on the radio and the others sound better this shows he is prepared to sacrifice a bit of limelight for the sake of the club.

We come now to Boxing Day. I wonder if you agree with me that this game summed up City’s season to a tee. City score early then attempt to sit on the lead, concede then end up chasing the game. Score a goal, score another but even then fail to shut the door, concede again to give us fans squeaky bums, again.

Having said the above, for me there is a major change from Gary Simpson, we’re much more a passing side now. Even Alan Buckley grudgingly conceded that on the radio. When it gets going we can really look good but of course, this being Lincoln City we can’t always keep it up. Against Alfreton in the trophy we looked distinctly average but at times on Friday we looked the part.

I don’t know what it is about Grimsby Town but beating them really is delicious. Maybe it’s because we haven’t done it all that often but this season we have, twice and didn’t they take it well? No! I love it.

I haven’t been to an away game for some considerable time but I’ve got a feeling that come New Year’s Day I’ll be at Alfreton. The desire to see the Imps overcoming the tedium of watching the same opponents several times this season.

Given that the manager is also a director of the club I’m hoping the new manager will not be on the first train out of town if he can conjure up some success, or am I getting ahead of myself?

First things first I think we need to bring the manager into the fold as it were. He has had a terribly difficult baptism as a manager, not in terms of results, they came almost immediately but in terms of us, the fans, accepting him. As always though results are everything in football and another not always popular figure, Bob Dorrian might just be proved right when he said the new management team may turn out to be a real surprise package.

So far so good. In fact very good.