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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

When the going gets tough.

There’ll be quite a delay before we have any footie to enthuse/moan about but that’s not to say the players of Lincoln City FC will be getting any time off, quite the reverse. Time off is something the players had enjoyed under the previous regime if the hints and titbits are anything to go by. If only they’d not spent so much time relaxing on the pitch!

One aspect the new manager has identified for rectification is a lack of fitness and David Holdsworth intends to use the several days before the team must play again as a sort of mini pre-season.

“They'll be working their socks off and learning how to be fit. Holdsworth told BBC Lincolnshire.

"Those days of people getting holidays and four or five days off are gone. I'm not interested in that.

Holdsworth intends having a day in an army training camp, was it Keith Alexander who was a big believer in that? When we hear the manager state :-

“They’ve ruined my weekend, now I’ll ruin theirs.”

We’ll know the transformation is complete.

Holdsworth alluded to the previous management regime as a holiday camp and said:-

“Butlins is shut.

"The players are so tired and fatigued after matches, it's ridiculous and it will be addressed.

"It's not a blame culture but the method will change and the boys will work extremely hard.

"They need to because we're picking up injuries that are down to tiredness."

Well we’re certainly tired of watching them lose every week and in a way the enforced “holiday” is a bit unfortunate as the team put in the best home performance for some considerable time and could have done with carrying on where they left off at 4.55 on Saturday this next weekend but of course life is never how you want it, particularly when you’re a Lincoln City fan.

We are of course used to getting our Christmas shopping done whilst the second round of the FA Cup is being played although, ironically as our standing in the game sank we did manage to progress beyond the first round for the previous two years. I would have swapped that trip to Bolton for league survival though. My daughter and I didn’t even get in until half way through the first half.

Happy days (sort of)

Picture taken from Royal Anglian Regiment web site.

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