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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Last chance before Christmas.

Of a home win that is, we don’t play again at Sincil Bank until Grimsby Town visit on Boxing Day. Looking at twitter and the general views on the Echo’s web pages fans are a bit subdued as to the Imps chances. Home form has improved though so; despite Luton Town’s far loftier position in the table surely no reason for such pessimism. Perhaps when I read this in the morning I’ll know differently.

Josh O’Keefe has now had his name circulated for loan. That’s not particularly hot news but I certainly haven’t mentioned it. I didn’t really share my fellow fans distain at O’Keefe’s efforts but clearly the manager concurs with those who thought he shouldn’t be in the team. I think it’s as much to do with wages as anything but I will agree, like most of the former team he has struggled with this league. For a club who have no cash at all there certainly has been a comprehensive clear out.

One thing I’ll be looking out for tonight, and I know there will be others along from my seat who will also be mindful and that’s the gate. It’s quite possible in my view that the attendance could fall below the psychological 2000 barrier and that would be very damaging indeed. Having said that the last time gates dropped so low as far as I’m aware was in John Beck’s time and the team did go on to, not only get out of trouble but eventually get promoted although Beck had departed by then. I hope I’m wrong.

Saturdays defeat at Newport marked the halfway stage of the league programme. What do you think of it so far? That was a rhetorical question. It’s been rubbish we all know that. We hope it will get better but then it’s possible to get worse. Must be the weather making me so low.

David Holdsworth will choose from an unchanged squad with no new injury worries according to, whether he will play the same side as Saturday will become apparent in a few hours time. Wrap up warm.

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