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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Season Ebbs away.

No doubt to head off simmering fan discontent over the position of legend, local hero and all round good egg, Grant Brown it is now reported on that contract talks are underway with the Head of Youth. Word had been getting around the everyone’s favourite hoofer might be on the slippery slope with manager David Holdsworth holding a smoking gun. One of the few success stories this season, the rumour mill was at full tilt with allegations that the manager might not like being unfavourably compared to the man who led his squad to the Midland Youth Cup but the club is at pains to explain the move is with the manager’s approval. As in his playing days, no one messes with “hoof” Grant Brown.

Suppose we’d better talk about football and today brings down the curtain on one of the most disappointing seasons most of us can remember although things could of course have been a whole lot worse. Who could forget the empty feeling we all had at tea-time on the last day of the season last year as the realisation sunk in that we were no longer a league team. Ebbsfleet are the opposition and City will be buoyed by a good contingent of Imps as the club report a strong take up of subsidised travel from the Red Imps Travel Section, subsidised by the club that is. I have to pay tribute to those fans who have continued to support the team on the road week in week out, it’s you the team should particularly have in mind as they collect their wages. Hopefully they will manage to put on a show that will send those fans and of course the rest of us into the summer in positive mood.

Ebbsfleet stand four league places above City but did you know they were top of the league for having the worst toilets in football in a poll of fans carried out by Plumb Center? Ebbsfleet weren’t at all inconvenienced by the award in fact they were quite relieved as the award came complete with a prize of £100000 to upgrade their facilities. Let’s hope that by the time the season ends later it won’t be the Imps reputation going down the pan.

One last chance then to put some kind of gloss on a season to forget. It would be nice if the Imps took it. Go on, surprise us.

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