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Sunday, 29 April 2012

So that’s that then.

The final game of the season slipped by almost unnoticed, one of few that were of little consequence in the last few years. The early kick off also gave the impression that City were somewhat out of the loop which of course we are.

As we’ve become accustomed to an easy 3.1 lead became a close finish as the Imps toyed with their supporters once again but a goal from Bore and a brace from Taylor put paid to Ebbsfleet and the season. City finish the campaign in seventeenth position which, lets face it, most of us would had settled for if we were offered the chance a month ago.

A forgettable season then. It would be churlish to deny that Fleetwood were worthy winners. When I was putting together the grounds guide for the Deranged Ferret fanzine all those months ago the progress they had made, the improvements to the stadium, everything about that club pointed to another successful season for them and so it proved.

All four of the play off contenders are former league clubs and therein lays our hope. Wrexham, Mansfield, York, Luton, they’ve all done their time and one will take their place in the relative sun next season and good luck to them. Whilst crowds have been disappointing for City, understandably, they have held up reasonably well once they bottomed out at just over the 2000 mark and that shows the future for the Imps and indeed the four playoff hopefuls. Unlike the Fleetwood’s of this world, Lincoln City are capable of progressing without relatively large sums of money being paid to effectively purchase success and once the Imps turn the corner as we fervently hope they will, no doubt more fans will re discover the delights of Sincil Bank.

On the subject of large sums of money it must be acknowledged that the board of directors and particularly Bob Dorrian, much criticised by the supporters, have personally invested in Lincoln City still further and quite handsomely and for that we should, as fans, be grateful.

As to David Holdsworth he will be aware that he does not yet enjoy the unequivocal confidence of the fans but he has at least delivered survival this season and that, after all was his brief. We start off next season with a clean slate and whilst we may be sceptical we would all be pleased to be shown the error of our ways.

This may be difficult to believe at the moment but summer really is around the corner. Have a good one.

Thanks for joining me in increasing numbers this season to read my take on the world of Impdom. Keep logging on throughout the summer for my personal view on Lincoln City, Lincolnshire and the mysterious world beyond.

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