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Friday, 9 October 2015

Go West.

I don’t know whether life is peaceful there but we’ll find out at about five tomorrow as City take on Chester City. I can’t remember a time when they didn’t make life difficult for us. Way back, I’m talking about Graham Taylors time and if you’ve got to ask who he is this probably isn’t the blog for you, City missed promotion by a whisker. Who pipped them at the post? You’ve guessed it, Chester.

Having said all this there’s really no need to fear anyone at the moment although, as even Chelsea are finding out, it’s not always smooth sailing.

One thing that has been pointed out, in the Echo, the disciplinary record is much better this season. I had forgotten how poor we were last term when referees seemed to have marked our card before we’d even started. Chris Moyses says it’s the type of players we’ve got. Craig Stanley says we’ve got better tacklers. Either way it seems to be working and the net result for us with our small squad will be less suspensions. I suppose you could add to that the fact that Matt Rhead is scoring regularly so there’s probably less anxiety in the team which can lead to more relaxed play.

It all seems to be good news at the moment, watch out for someone putting a stop to that, but Liam Hearn came though the friendly against our neighbours Lincoln United the other night unscathed, in fact he felt so good he played all the match. Not so long ago I was quite gloomy about Hearn but if we can get him playing regularly it really could be onwards and upwards. Matt Sparrow is healing quicker than expected too so in addition to playing well we’ll soon have more competition for places.

Being an Imp I’m now awaiting the inevitable fall back to earth with a bump.

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