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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Performers waiting in the wings will be left there after BPA.

I dare say there is a constant queue at Chris Moyses door of bit part players wondering when they are going to get their chance. After tumbling out of the FA Trophy at the first time of asking I would imagine the manager will have a ready answer to that.

The Trophy, in my humble opinion was a winnable aspiration for a club like Lincoln City and I think the manager was of the same opinion. Granted he did leave a few regulars out but those that played were all squad players and should have provided sufficient opposition to Bradford Park Avenue and really should have progressed.

Moyses is in the Echo today bemoaning the attitude displayed last night and I’m not going to comment on the performance as I wasn’t there, not many were, that’s not the point. They had their chance and threw it away as the song goes.

Some of these players who no doubt strutted around the humble home of BPA as if they only had to turn up to win ought to be aware that playing for a full time club and not having to go to work is something Bradford’s players would give their eye teeth for and unless they learn to be a good deal more professional in their dealings with lower placed opponents they might well find themselves being rather more acquainted with the likes of Park Ave than they imagined.

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