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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

It’s beginning to look a lot like – a typical City Christmas.

I think in our heart of hearts many of us were not expecting a particularly spectacular Christmas on the football front although no points at all was something of a nightmare scenario. The steam had gone out of the promotion push and we're waiting, or at least I'm waiting to see if our mysterious investor can come up with the wherewithal to conjure up a player or two to get things back on track. Until then we drift ever further from the sharp end of the league.

For me and I’m sorry if you’re getting bored of this, the malaise can be traced back to Liam Hearn deciding his future lay in the soggy north west and with that went our hopes too. Matt Rhead, formerly that strutting peacock looks a frustrated, even forlorn figure as he desperately tries to recreate his goal scoring and goal providing form. A combination of a lack of an effective partner and the various oppositions working out a plan to annul his potency have put paid to the Imps express, at least for the moment.

I’ll comment on the home game against Halifax as I was at that game and I’m afraid this was one of the poorest City efforts I’ve seen in a long time. Whether the team were following management orders or they went out and did their own thing that performance was unacceptable. I don’t pay my money to watch a team of full time professionals kick the ball as hard as they can with the wind behind them, anyone can do that. As it happened, Halifax, no great shakes themselves, managed to dredge up a moment of quality and the game was over as a contest. All this in front of a bumper Boxing Day crowd many of whom would have been returning fans come to see what all the fuss was about. They went home thinking nothing had changed.

I hesitate to criticise the manager, I think he’s worked wonders but if those were his instructions, football expert that I am, they were wrong and if they weren’t his instructions I trust he’s made his views clear. One thing I will say though, I understand the sack the manager mob were back on BBC Radio Lincolnshire over the Christmas period and if they can’t recognise Chris Moyses is the best chance Lincoln City have of returning to league football I feel very sorry for them. Very sorry indeed.

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