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Friday, 22 January 2016

Is Saturday the day City slay the dragon?

Chris Moyses has been telling the Echo he has chairman Bob Dorrians unwavering support, as well he might as he was, until fairly recently on the board of directors himself.

I don’t think my support has been too wobbly either although, boy could we do with a win tomorrow.
I’ve mentioned before the sack the manager crew are gathering support and of course it’s always the most vociferous who get their views across because they’re the ones who can be bothered to ring up BBC Radio Lincolnshire and they in turn are going to give them air time and read out their texts.

I do wonder if this unusual relationship may yet turn out to be the saviour of the club though. I’m going to preface my remarks by saying by and large I have agreed with the club when managers have departed although City have got through far too many managers in their time. Looking back I can think of perhaps Keith Alexander, first time round, I’d have given him another season and Steve Thompson, he’s not very fashionable these days but I’d not have let him go when the club did although his was a resignation, admittedly after the club said they wouldn’t renew his contract. Ironically, Keith was the man who came in when Thompson resigned.

Now to the vexed question of the present manager. I said previously Rome wasn’t built in a day and City are never going to buy their way into the league, it’s got to be an organic process. Is Moyses the man for the job? If you look at the Imps first half of the season you’d say yes. If you look now you’d say no, or would you? I don’t think I’ve seen City trounced this season at home, one or two clubs have found us out, particularly in attack. In defence too we’ve shipped some stupid goals but this is the national league, what do we expect?

I’ll take my rose tinted glasses off now and say, obviously there has got to be a dramatic improvement. I’m more than a bit fed up of seeing City start off well only to revert to kick and rush football, I’ve given my support, can we see much less hit and hope please?

Having said all that, City play Wrexham tomorrow and they’ve lost five in a row. They also play pretty football so, seeing as I won’t be watching maybe Saturday is a day for a smash and grab raid.

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