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Monday, 25 January 2016

Business as usual.

Despite the clamour on BBC Radio Lincolnshire after the game on Saturday which saw Lincoln City further extend their losing streak manager Chris Moyses is assuming he’s in charge until someone from the club tells him he’s not, unless of course he comes to the conclusion all is lost. At least City scored at Wrexham, albeit a penalty.

I honestly thought City would emerge the winners this time, especially when I heard Rhead had scored from the penalty spot to put the Imps in the lead but once again City slipped to defeat, a result Moyses described as “disgraceful”:-

"It is disgraceful, but we are doing all we can to sort it out," Moyses told the assembled press and media. "I think at times it is too easy to put your hand up and say it was 'my mistake'. Sometimes we need to be a bit more ruthless and that bit more clinical.

"We got options with Chris Bush, he could come into the centre back role. We are going to have to do something now because it has not been working. It is not just centre halves, it is a back four issue. We do need to do better. People cannot keep making the same mistakes and not face the consequences.

"It's a balance to allow people to bed themselves into games and runs of games. It is a theme now and 10 games in the league is a theme which is far too long. I will see what options are available to me, we certainly need to liven it up, though."

Manager in not my fault shocker, that might have made a better headline. To make matters worse injuries are now starting to crop up with both Bradley Wood and Liam Hearn coming off the field in Wales.

Moyses bemoaned the chaotic defending that has become the hallmark of recent performances and hinted at changes but did not specify what or was not asked, I wouldn’t know because I’d given up listening to the radio by then.

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