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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Imps create best ever display.

I’ve forgotten how to put pictures up and in reality my laptops probably too old to do it any more but in any event you’ll have seen it, a Lancaster powering out of the Coop stand set against a vivid yellow backdrop. The RAF roundel at one side and 617 squadron banner at the other. Painstakingly produced and executed perfectly by the patrons of the big stand. Ironically the orchestrators and facilitators of this magnificent spectacle didn’t see it at the time, that was the privilege of the rest of the stadium and particularly the Selenity Stand, the Library. All we could do was stand and applaud. It was awe inspiring. Well done to you all.

Kind of following on from that I want to share with you a tweet from one of our debutants, Jordan Williams. “Wow. Fans were unbelievable, I haven’t enjoyed my football that much in a long time…..”

That is precisely what we the supporters are aiming for. We want players to love playing in front of us, to revel in the noise and the atmosphere and the numbers. We want our players to relish playing at Sincil Bank and for opponents to feel intimidated and uncomfortable there. Not in a nasty way, not personal insults or threatening behaviour just our indifference as far as they are concerned and wholehearted support and, yes, love for our team. Yesterday was another step along the road to City becoming a sort of mini Barcelona where everyone in the locality has affection for the team and people are clamouring for a ticket to get in.

You could certainly detect discomfort in the Notts County side at the end of the game, whether that was as a result of the team or the supporters efforts or both. For the last twenty minutes Magpies looked like they couldn’t wait to get on the bus.That's if they had the energy to climb the steps. You know an away side are hanging on when the keeper gets booked for timewasting and there was only one team looking forward to another six minutes injury time.

I just must say something that occurred to me some time after the game and it concerns the referee, awful as he was and Danny Cowley. I just wish Danny would leave the fourth official alone. I think it’s actually causing us harm. Complaining to an official isn’t going to alter anything. Danny is neither use nor ornament sat on a step by the press box. The supreme irony is that the orchestrator and facilitator of our current success, the manager couldn’t find a seat to sit on because there wasn’t one, they’d all been sold.

More importantly, and this isn’t the first time, officials are coming to Sincil Bank with a pre conceived notion that City are the bad guys. Yesterday infringement after infringement given against the home side despite the fact that the away side were using every kind of gamesmanship in the book. Some incidents clearly should have resulted in a free kick to the Imps but weren’t. Then as night follows day a stonewall penalty is waved away because the referee has decided in advance we’re fakers.

Anyway, rant over it was a great spectacle and a superb performance, the new players looked a big improvement, we looked potent going forward and resolute at the back. We’re going to cause some teams a hell of a headache and the run in to the end of the season is going to be electric.

I can’t wait for the next game.

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