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Friday, 19 January 2018

A revolution beginning. Ever so quietly.

Proof if it were needed for fans of Lincoln City this week that the club is moving gradually upwards. Danny Cowley followed on from his capture, particularly, of Harry Anderson and Michael Bostwick in the summer but others too with some blockbuster signings in the last few days. Even though they were short of match time together I think it was there for all to see on Saturday what a very good side City potentially are.

It’s not just the managers, the club has taken huge strides towards their aim of becoming a much more substantial football club with behind the scenes recruitment. The whole club is a step change from the outfit of a year ago.

Take ticket sales. Now I know this isn’t without gremlins but buying a ticket for a cup game if you’re a season ticket holder couldn’t be simpler. Gone are the days of queueing through the night and taking time off work. If you’re not a season ticket holder, well I wouldn’t know about that but it’s like going to see a premier league side. You wouldn’t turn up hoping to get in on a Saturday. So it often is with the Imps.

There has been some speculation this week as to whether City may need to fend off the attentions of other clubs who may covet our managers. I don’t think we need to worry about that just yet. Because of the Cowleys efforts and our support the Imps are the match of most clubs in league two and many in league one and even some championship clubs in terms of viability and desirability. I don’t want to be rude about other clubs but I think at the moment City are as well placed as they’ve been for some time in terms of holding on to what they’ve got.

The Cowleys loyalty to the club depends very much on their perception of where the club can go and it’s ability to match their ambition. I’m going to say this now I think the Cowleys believe they can get our club to the championship. Note I didn’t say they believe they will do so but believe it can be done. I believe it can be done. Danny referred in interview to the potential here. I don’t think they meant another promotion. I think they want to leave a club that is not only capable of significant elevation but able to maintain that status in the long term.

One of the Cowleys reasons for optimism will be demonstrated tomorrow when Imps supporters will make up about half of the crowd at Barnet. I watched Norwich City at Chelsea in the week (have to say they were unlucky) and the commentator marvelled that they had 2-3000 supporters there.

Just remind me how many we took to Arsenal?

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