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Sunday, 7 October 2018

Pett on then its auf weidersehen Alex.

I’m not sure I agree with Danny Cowleys assertion that City didn’t play well in yesterdays victory. I’d kind of hoped that the Imps might wipe the floor with Crewe for their temerity in humbling our heroes at Sincil Bank last season but as we all know football isn’t like that. The more you want something the less likely it can be.

One thing I would say is that Crewe Alex did play well. After looking as if they would be swamped in the early exchanges the visitors got to grips with City’s fluidity and gave as good as they got for long periods.

Man of the moment, for all the wrong reasons, John Akinde, fought manfully to impose himself on the game and it didn’t quite come off for him but he showed why he is so important to the side. He came off frustrated but to the sort of reception from the crowd that will confirm to him that his efforts are appreciated by the majority.

It all hinged on the appearance of another player in the news, no doubt bristling with indignation at being left out after many fine performances, Tom Pett. He wasted no time in demonstrating his influence on the side, his volley to score City’s winner was his first touch of the ball. Cowley cited tiredness as the reason for his failure to start. That was the only failure in another excellent performance.

The other newsworthy event was Michael Bostwick’s haircut. Would Samson’s drastically reduced barnet sap his strength? Ask Crewe’s strikeforce. I think the answer was no.

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable performance with the benefit of hindsight. No it wasn’t pretty it was functional, workmanlike. We all like to watch blokes dig holes in the road and although it’s not glamorous toil it serves a purpose and that’s how I saw City yesterday as they edged another week forwards towards their goal. The other teams faltered slightly and the Imps advanced another point in the right direction.

As we all know it’s a marathon not a sprint and City have settled nicely into their stride again after the midweek setback.

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