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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Two sides to every story.

Bob and Grant give quotes to the press.

This article went on Vitals yesterday. It's just a nothing thing really something I picked up on when looking at the press in the morning. It spent 24 hours as most read story on News Now which I certainly didn't expect given everything else going on at the minute.

How nice to relax in front of the radio or whatever means you keep track of the Imps. Maybe you were at Alfreton, plenty were, and have a good solid, not much doubt about it away win. That said if City could not win there then there really was little to look forward to but they did and we all rejoice at that.

Stand in manager Grant Brown told the Lincolnshire Echo:-

“Hopefully we can do something similar in the next two days to get the fans back onside. It would be nice to have a few more come through the gate against Fleetwood on Friday”

That’s right Grant, bums on seats, that’s the name of the game and it’s a manager’s job to get the punters in. You’re a quick learner.

Meanwhile Chairman Bob Dorrian was interviewed by BBC Lincolnshire:-

“I would hope we have a manager in place, if not in charge, by the end of next week”


“I think in reality we have to look for a manager with non-league experience”


“With non-league contacts”

We’re listening.

“And who is cheap”

Thanks Bob mate. On the phone right now to book a ticket for Friday, totally inspired.

It might just be of course and it is the outsidest of outside chances, that we have a manager in place and in charge right now. Just a thought.

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