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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Determined City in no mood to roll over.

Unlike Accrington Stanley who did a fair bit of rolling about. Maybe they thought it was worth the effort as referee Seb Stockbridge usually responded with a free kick however ludicrous the dive.

Hang on a minute, Seb Stockbridge? Oh yes, our old friend from Notts County. He of the red cards. He waved another one yesterday as the Imps were awarded what many, certainly Stanleys manager John “Mr moral high ground” Coleman, thought was a soft penalty followed by a red. We got chatting to Accringtons chairman at the final whistle. He was incensed at the red although he seemed to accept the penalty. Expect an appeal for that one although referees are usually backed up by the powers that be.

I do question why such a good footballing side as Stanley adopt the attitude they do with their gamesmanship, for that’s what it is whatever their managers holier than thou stance. They pass the ball assuredly and retain it very well, playing more like a side a division higher. Why indulge in the sneaky behaviour?

We said during the game that this was the first home match which seemed a genuine promotion tussle and with City winning it they must now regard themselves as realistic contenders for an automatic spot. Matt Green played like a man freed from his demons and with Matt Rhead, never one for self doubt you’d imagine, in such good form, the defence strong not to mention midfield but I do mention Michael Bostwick. Is he even playing football? It seems he’s on a higher level altogether. He certainly looks like some character from Greek mythology and yesterday’s performance had a touch of the Gods about it. Alex Woodyard by comparison, for me seemed to find it a bit of an effort by which I mean he was reduced to mere mortality whereas he normally floats through a game in the heavens. City are certainly the artisans to Stanley’s artistry though but it was all very heartening.

All this, coupled with the clubs buying power in the January sales only enhanced by another bumper crowd at Sincil Bank yesterday fills me with optimism that City can follow last seasons triumphant progression with yet more success.

What a time to be alive and an Imp to boot.

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