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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Hibernian in bitter sweet cup agony.

As if following one unsuccessful football club isn’t enough I also take an interest in the green half of Edinburgh represented by Hibs.

In an otherwise undistinguished season, Hibernian have somehow found themselves in the Scottish Cup Final where they will play their bitter rivals, also from Edinburgh, Hearts. I would have rather liked to attend the cup final and thought it might be possible with both Hibs and Hearts being relatively modestly supported but it has proved impossible to get a ticket. Just as in England the blazer wearers have snapped up a large proportion of the tickets and with Hampden being nowhere near the capacity of Wembley there are few enough tickets for proper fans let alone casual attendees like me.

Unfortunately, like most clubs, Hibs have a large number of fans who now live abroad who have bought flight tickets on the assumption that a ticket for the final will be the least of their problems only to find whilst they can get to Glasgow they won’t be able to get in to see the game.

All this pales into insignificance though with the realisation that the club, having flirted with relegation all season but safe in the knowledge that Dunfirmline are in last position and in, if anything worse form than Hibs or were in worse form until very recently when a draw and an unlikely win have buoyed Dunfirmline and have got Hibs in a right old flutter. To add to the agony Hibs must play Dunfirmline on the back of two defeats themselves but not before they play Aberdeen who they knocked out of the cup in the semi final.

Still with us? Hibs fans, never really convinced that they will do any good in the final now face the nightmare possibility of losing in the cup final and losing their coveted Scottish Premier League place.

They say there’s always someone worse off than yourself don’t they?

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