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Monday, 10 October 2011

The undeserving poor.

My sub title for this was "A four nil defeat to a part time team. How much worse can it get?"
The only comment so far was to say someone thought Tamworth weren't part time but even meaningless comments mean more cash for the web site which can be used to invest in the Imps so thanks for that but I would prefer to hear if people agreed or disagreed. Hey ho!

Judging by the comments on Twitter on Saturday evening you’d have thought someone might have made some kind of statement on Monday morning or before but, as if Monday mornings weren’t bad enough we have the deafening silence that we are becoming used to now as our beloved club sinks ever further into the mire. Only Joe Anyon man enough to stick his head above the parapet and admit that the fare served up by this team is embarrassingly short, indeed spectacularly short of that required. Joe tells the Lincolnshire Echo:-

Lincoln City are a big club and everyone wants to beat us”

This writer has been watching professional football for more years than he cares to remember and in all that time all the teams City have played wanted to beat us, well almost. That is the nature of sport. Don’t the other teams want to beat each other? One would think they do. Are City such a big club that they can’t ask a local school or college if they would mind if the team trained on their pitch a couple of mornings a week? This correspondent claims no specialist knowledge but surely a team afforded the luxury of full time training spends the week generally on the type of surface encountered on a Saturday afternoon. That’s not rocket science is it?

There’s the rub. It’s a good excuse having to train on the Astroturf isn’t it? Having to play in front of fans who want them to win and groan if they don’t, that’s another as is not having enough money to stay in a hotel before a game far away. Excuses, excuses, excuses. That’s what we can look forward to dear fellow supporters. Or does someone have something to say?

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