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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Reflections on a very bad night at Sincil Bank.

Listening to David Holdsworth on BBC Lincolnshire this morning on the way in to work I thought the one overriding thing to come across is that the manager has realised that there are several players not up to the task of getting Lincoln City out of the lowly position they are in.

There’s no point in dwelling on the cup exit, that’s done with but it seems obvious that the managers previously stated willingness to give all of the players a fair crack of the whip would be time wasted and time is one thing we don’t have (money being the other and any more nights like last night, fans will be next).

All of us dream of the days when we could enjoy lovely footballing skills allied to a lofty league position, maybe Crewe Alex in their pomp or dare I say it Grimsby Town. Of course nothing is for ever as fans of those two clubs would testify but we don’t even have memories, certainly not of days like those clubs have enjoyed.

It seems clear that we are in for some combative performances, not that the fans would object to that, David Holdsworth :-

“I'm extremely disappointed and I can see why the club's in this position.

"Have we been beaten by real craft? No, we've beaten ourselves and that's not good enough.

"Right now we don't need footballers, we need horrible, gritty, nasty people on the pitch. Some of the best teams in the world were horrible and had that grit about them.

Who was he talking about, Leeds, Argentina? Right now I’d take some of that.

The manager talked of calling in a few favours and getting some new faces in. That’s what we’ve become. Cast off City. Still the late great Keith almost got us promoted on that basis. Even he didn’t have to operate from such a desperate starting point though.

Picture from BBC Lincolnshire.

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