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Friday, 27 April 2018

The end of another breathless week.

Like many others I took myself off to the press conference yesterday and like several others I couldn’t get in and ended up in the Travis Perkins Suite where there was a live feed. It didn’t work all that smoothly and had I known I could have watched it at home on Facebook.

For me it underlined the need for better facilities in a new stadium but we mustn’t get the cart before the horse and that was very much the Cowleys theme as they expanded some more on their vision for the club.

I got more information on line later but it was an innovative move by the club and we mustn’t let a few gremlins get in the way of a well-intentioned effort at inclusivity by City but it underlined the present drawbacks and points to the direction City want to go in and a very exciting vision it is too. The new training facility or elite performance centre as we should get used to saying looks set to propel the club into the modern football age. There is nothing more the club can do in respect of the stadium at the moment and the Cowleys will very soon see their pet project a reality. If it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for me.

I had hoped that we would get confirmation that Neal Eardley had signed a new contract and I did talk to a fellow fan who claimed to have some information in that regard but it was only conjecture and I won’t repeat it here. Instead we got the equally fantastic news that Bozzie had signed on the dotted line to extend his stay and he also gave an insight into his original signing and the good impression he got of the club.

The Imps fending off the attentions of predatory rival clubs, managers extending their stay, players extending their stays, a new, state of the art training facility. It’s all very encouraging.

We move on to a club who presumably are a little short of mod cons, Accrington Stanley. I should firstly congratulate them on achieving promotion on a shoe string. I think their style of play might do well in league one too although the lack of financial clout is bound to catch up with them sooner or later but as I always say, enjoy it while it lasts. City meanwhile aim to be party poopers and deny them the point they need to win the league. We’ve done well against Stanley this season and will want to end the season on a high ourselves so it will be another fascinating tussle to either enjoy at the game or at home on the radio. If my nerves can stand it.

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