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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Imps discover a new secret weapon – and he didn’t cost a Pacquette.

Do you remember the days when you would come home from a Lincoln City match rosy cheeked and hoarse having watched City put one over some expensively assembled outfit? Peterborough comes to mind. That Wimbledonesque “we don’t care” attitude?

At the start of the season the Imps were the giants to be brought down a peg or two but that notion was soon dispelled as they were exposed for the paupers that they are. On Saturday afternoon City were heading for another blank weekend, 3.1 down and a man sent off and not long to go against a team that were odds on to win despite losing the Sincil Bank away game. Did a familiar face peer down through the clouds? Was he wearing a baseball cap and yellow socks? It felt like those days again.

It had started well. New boy, the much travelled Richard Pacquette put City in the lead after just six minutes but as on so many occasions before it then began to go pear shaped.

On twitter those at Gateshead and those in Lincoln were venting their ire. Another humiliation. Then Pacquette got his second. Game on. Better a noble defeat than where we had been minutes before but there was more, on 87 minutes Sam Smith broke Gateshead’s hearts and mended City’s. It felt like a win, just like the old days.

A breathless, not to mentioned relieved David Holdsworth felt his side showed some of the attributes he was looking for after a barren spell of late including that awful cup exit:-

“There was a lot of passion out there and I'm delighted to come here and gain a valuable point, but both managers went through a lot of ups and downs today.

"We do a lot of research and analysis of our opposition but today I had to write only one word on the board - 'character'. Over the season the players' character has been called into question and I felt we showed a lot today.

"Going 3-1 down, they showed unbelievable passion. Our dressing room's come alive tonight and I'm very pleased with that."

Well we were all very pleased and we would be even more pleased with some more points on Tuesday when, hopefully home fans can get a look at City’s new package, sorry Pacquette.

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