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Monday, 23 April 2012

Almost there.

Thankfully I didn’t attend the final home game of the season so I can’t comment on it but, from afar a depressingly familiar vibe. City needed to sign off in style but didn’t. The fans needed some entertainment to encourage them to renew their season tickets but didn’t get it. Some cries of Holdsworth out and general dissatisfaction. Welcome to my world.

For Lincoln City who knows what the future will bring? There is no comparison to the last season in non league where desperation was turned into triumph. Cometh the hour cometh the man they say. That man was Colin Murphy and the shock of relegation from league football was purged in short order as City were returned to their rightful home. No such return this time and, to be honest none was expected. If anything the feeling I get from some fans is that further indignity may befall the club before anything good happens. I do hope they’re wrong.

There is of course one more game before the end of the season to put some sort of gloss on the situation. No one is holding their breath. The manager, the board, the supporters trust, the supporters, no one seems to have the solution and, if anything the close of this season seems to bring even more uncertainty about the future for our club. Cometh the hour cometh the man. Who is that man? I don’t know.

One more week to go. Most of us spend the summer wishing on the pre season friendlies. Not this time I suspect. Things could be worse though, but not much.

Finally, as usual the fans were spot on with the player of the season. Joe Anyon has been a bright spot in a dark season with Josh Gowling runner up. He’s had a strange season but has emerged with credit. It wouldn’t surprise me if either player has made their last appearance for the club. Hopefully that will be as inaccurate as my lottery number selections.

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