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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Done deal?

No sooner had I raised the supposition that there would be some kind of inquest into David Holdsworths tenure as Lincoln City manager than word starts to get around that the club are in negotiation with Mr Holdsworth in respect of a new contract or I suppose I should say a contract given that we were told the manager has been operating without one. This was confirmed later on with chairman Bob Dorrian on BBC Lincolnshire saying now that City’s league position was secured the club was to move forward and a deal should be thrashed out.

Perhaps there was some discussion at boardroom level; we’re not going to find out so we now await further developments. City have nailed their colours to the mast saying before Holdsworth was appointed that no Imps manager is going to get a long contract, unless of course it suits City to do so and that would mean success which would be nice, so a rolling contract presumably.

Having mentioned the possibility that a longer contract could eventually be offered to a successful manager you do wonder if it would be signed, certainly in Holdsworths case. If the rumour mill is correct he applied for the Rotherham job so don’t expect him to hang around if things take an upward turn. That’s starting to sound like wishful thinking though.

In the meantime, two more games to be played. After the thumping of Darlington and the result against Fleetwood which was a shot in the arm even given that a two goal lead was given away, City will be hoping to continue their strong finish. After all there are season tickets to be sold and Mr Holdsworth will have to get his salesman’s hat on. Publicity is one area; I think we are all agreed the manager is particularly strong in.

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