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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Holdsworth hoping to sign a striker in his prime.

Whilst most of us are still digesting the fact that David Holdsworths tenure at Lincoln has been extended without so much as a by your leave the man himself has been turning his attention to the future as of course most of us would expect.

In today’s Lincolnshire Echo Leigh Curtis reveals that Jake Speight, the Wrexham marksman is in the managers sights as he looks to up the ante and get City moving in the right direction. Many of us will agree that whilst the Imps have often been giving the opposition a pasting we’ve not always had the marksman to deliver the final flourish and so possession and attack play have gone unrewarded.

Another name in the frame is Richard Brodie, a Crawley player who has been on loan to Fleetwood Town who many of us will remember for a belligerent battering ram performance against the Imps at Sincil Bank this season. Curtis is a fan as his post match chat with Michael Hortin on BBC Lincolnshire at the time showed. I thought he was a pain in the butt but then as an opposition fan you do. My colleagues here in Boston thought Simon Yeo was a pain in the butt but we didn’t didn’t we?

These developments do give me a bit of hope. We are even getting some optimistic talk that next season could give us something to make us sit up and take notice:-

"If we can sign a forward who can score 15 plus goals then you will have a sustained run towards the play-offs," Holdsworth told the Echo

I am embarrassed that we don’t have somebody who has scored more than ten goals,”

“That has to be a must if you have got ambition to progress, but they are certainly not easy to find.

“If you look at Fleetwood, they have a full compliment of strikers that have helped the team score 100 goals.

“But their players are on four times as much money as my lads are on.

“However, with a bit of hard work and contacts in the right places you can find those players. And that will be one of my biggest aims for the club this summer.”

Whilst the jury is still out no Imps fan wants the manager to fail. Holdsworth as a manager is very much a work in progress as is Lincoln City. Talk such as this sells season tickets and that is another urgent requirement.

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