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Friday, 13 April 2012

Lincolnshire this week.

A row between two councils has meant a proposed major revamp in Sleaford has had to be put on hold. North Kesteven District Council has started work on converting the long disused Bass Maltings into shops offices houses and apartments but the project is dependant upon Sleaford Town Council selling land for a new road. They have expressed reservations as the road will do away with a level crossing. Unlike in Lincoln where everyone is keen to see an end to the anachronistic barriers it would seem in Sleaford they’re determined to hang on to them. There can only be one winner though and the District Council have one weapon up their sleeves, compulsory purchases. Councillor Phillip Rowson told BBC Lincolnshire:-

"It needs that expansion, it needs that new road, it needs infrastructure.

"You are dealing with growth, you are dealing with a multimillion-pound development and, not unusually, you need new infrastructure to make the development work properly.

"What we can't have is a series of developments which are going to generate a great deal of traffic, which can't be reached and accessed safely."

A group of French travellers have taken up residence on Lincolns South Common in what is becoming an annual stand off. The City council have issued an eviction notice and with the April Fun Fair due to start arriving this weekend something has got to give.

The museum of Lincolnshire Life has received a boost this week in the form of a grant of £335000 from the Arts Council and £200000 from Lincolnshire County Council. The money will be used to give a makeover to the reception gift shop and courtyard over the next ten months. The Council says the improvements will reduce the attractions carbon footprint. Councillor Eddy Poll, executive member for cultural services, said: "Since the introduction of free entry three years ago, the museum has been going from strength to strength.

"This project represents the next exciting step for the museum and an opportunity to ensure its long-term success in telling the story of the people of Lincolnshire and their shared cultural heritage."

Is it really a year since mention was made in this blog of the Boston big clean up? Well it must be as the initiative has reported over three tons of rubbish has been collected from around the district. Staff from McDonalds joined the effort this year together with Asda, Boston Borough Council, Boston Mayflower, Longhurst and Havelok Homes, North Sea Camp, Fly Swat Team, Black Sluice IDB, Tulip Ltd, Lincolnshire County Council, Framework Housing, Holy Trinity, Environment Agency, Kier Maintenance, Salvation Army, New Life Fellowship, Centenary Church, Angling Association and Boston College. Jen Moore, who organized the event, told the Boston Target:-

"The enthusiasm and friendly atmosphere never ceases to amaze me, all helped along by the wonderful support we get from the churches in Boston who prepare and serve lunches for all of the volunteers throughout the week long clean up and also Councillor Yvonne Gunter on teas and coffees.

"A big thank you this year must go to the Environment Agencies operations team headed up by Adam Robinson, they not only supported the clean up each day during the week but also provided litter pickers for all the volunteers.

"Thanks should also go to the Witham Tavern, Fenside Community Centre, Salvation Army and the Holy Trinity Church who provided a much needed tea stop and toilet facilities."

With the county joining the rest of Eastern England and the South in a hosepipe ban Anglian Water is considering buying water in from neighbouring Severn Trent who are not experiencing a drought. Having said that, the moment the ban was announced the heavens opened and it has hardly stopped raining since. Nevertheless AWA have stressed that people must take steps to preserve water themselves but at the same time are making plans to alleviate future problems. A spokesman said:-

"We are talking to Severn Trent about this idea and it's one that we are taking seriously,"

"We are exploring a number of options to help support the drought-hit region, including the movement of water across water company boundaries.

"In the short term, though, it's vital that everyone takes steps to save water in the home.

"Large-scale support like this scheme could help, but even if we are able to make it work, it won't mean we can cancel this summer's hosepipe ban."

Here’s hoping the ban doesn’t put a dampener on your weekend. Have a good one.

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