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Friday, 11 May 2012

I never felt more like singing the Blues.

In a remarkable turnaround Gainsborough Trinity have gone from zero’s to heroes in the space of a season. The underperforming, given the investment from chairman Peter Swann, under manager Brian Little has been turned into play off fever as the town embraces success under replacement Steve Howsham.

Today the Blues stand facing destiny. In a scene reminiscent of Lincoln City’s own venture in the play offs the papers are showing views of Trinity fans queuing for tickets for Sundays make or break game and Blues fans have finally shaken off the “taxi for Gainsborough” jibes emanating from some quarters. They have sold all their allocation of tickets and any returned by Nuneaton are bound to be snapped up too.

For the semi final game many Imps were present but this time it will be a strictly local affair as the game is all ticket and, highlighting Gainsborough’s limited infrastructure, it’s not possible to order tickets over the phone as the club do not have the facility to accept card payments. Should Trinity win, and gain a place in the Premier Division, all that will have to change. As it is there are many Blues fans disappointed as they live away and are unable to get into town for a ticket. For them at least, now that BBC Lincolnshire is affording them top billing the radio station will feature a live commentary of the game which presumably will be available on the internet.

As to neighbourly relations, I’ve yet to meet an Imp who does not wish Gainsborough Trinity well in their quest so, just this once it’s “come on you Blues” from an Imp. Give it your best shot. The way things have been going, that could well be enough.

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