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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The season of the year.

The Lincolnshire Poacher of course but Lincoln City will be hoping not too many of us will be sneaking into Sincil Bank under the fence next season and instead will renew or better still make a first time purchase of a season ticket. There are advantages and inducements to do so. As the club point out, introduce enough buyers and you could get yours for free with the cash back arrangement. Let’s not get carried away though, it’s going to be a tough ask if my conversations with existing season ticket holders are anything to go by.

The new spirit of togetherness is apparent once again on with an article headed “Just One Way To Help” in stark contrast to the take it or leave it attitude that has blighted relations all too often in the past. Still, better late than never and hopefully fans will embrace the new entente cordiale in the spirit in which it is offered.

Player wise there’s nothing to report as far as I can see after that news on Saturday which did rather creep in under the radar what with the cup final distracting attention. Was it a good day to bury bad news or is that my fertile imagination running away with me? Perhaps it’s not even bad news, certainly I believed Joe Anyon would have been on his way some time ago charged with the crime of earning too much. It can’t be he is leaving because of performances as he has been excellent latterly.

Quite what memories Anyon will have of his time at Lincoln one does wonder. He seems to encapsulate City’s woes. Arrival to something of a fanfare following a very competent keeper who himself had to endure a rocky start, Rob Burch. There followed a desperate spell when City were prepared to put virtually anyone between the sticks rather than him, a management decision which in my opinion, along with the ostracising of Scott Kerr lead directly to the Imps relegation. He then seemed to be viewed with suspicion by the present manager but eventually became ever present more as a result of finances than anything else only to be voted player of the year in, again my own opinion, a very one sided contest. Goodbye and good luck Joe. I expect to see him wash up not a million miles from Lincoln.

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