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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Westwood is in da house!

Ashley Westwood has wasted no time getting in to the David Holdsworth groove. Speaking to the defender said that mental toughness as well as physical ability will be the key to success next season. Straight out of the Holdsworth manual.

I can’t help but think of John Beck when hear the managers pronouncements. Sadly no evidence yet of the rise up the league that the much maligned former boss produced but he talks a good game.

Westwood gives an interesting insight of what sounds a fairly bleak time at Kettering. I’ll leave you to read the article for yourself. Read too Holdsworths initial thoughts on the forthcoming season. As always it’s purposeful and well thought out. Just got to get those players putting those fine words into deeds David. Winning ones preferably.

On the subject of next season some friendlies have been announced. By far the most mouth-watering is Leicester City. They visit just before the season opens in a reminder of the sort of fixture that used to be run of the mill at Sincil Bank or the Sigmund Freud Arena, whatever it will be called next season.

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