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Thursday, 12 July 2012

To have and to have not.

Two contrasting stories in this weeks edition of the Lincolnshire Echo both of which have been commented on in this blog, the name the stadium enterprise and the vexed subject of Sam Smith. Depressingly the main article in the Echo concerns City’s bid to sign a defender, in fact two defenders. A few weeks ago we were told that the squad was complete but, as expected there has been more movement in squad numbers and of course the club do need to replace Ashley Westwood, departed to Portsmouth. The names in question are Exodus Geohagan and John Dempsey but neither will be coming due to cash shortages. In terms of PR it might have been better to either say nothing or simply state it has not proved possible to sign them. I suppose we can hardly ask for more transparency and then moan that we don’t like what we hear though. Personally I can come up with any number of financial hard luck stories in my own life without hearing them from something I take an interest in to forget my woes but that’s football. There was a little inference that we all ought to be buying name the stadium tickets to make up the shortfall, the club making reference to the acquiring of Kevin Austin and of course Peter Grotier. I say of course but that was many moons ago.

Secondly the Echo reports the Imps have issued a hands off warning to Cambridge United. It’s tempting to say remember where you heard it first but of course you didn’t hear it first from me although I beat the Echo to it, if only because they only print once a week. At least City are not snatching Cambridge’s hand off with the first offer received but, selling club that we are and always have been it could only be a matter of time.

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