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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A new look for a new season

A new look for the web site that is and first impressions are…………….well, lets hope it gets better!

On to the content however and it’s boardroom blog time again. In this weeks fun packed offering it’s the same old concerns for the board. Finance. We keep being told that things are looking up but the figures aren’t showing it yet. Season tickets sales are at close to 800 which is above the budgeted number and if sales continue at the present rate a significant financial hurdle will have been cleared. However, last years sales were 1020 and I would be surprised if that figure is reached. I hope I’m wrong. As anticipated in this blog fans appear to have voted with their feet in judgement at the clubs performance last season. Presumably the publicity coming out of the club and the signings made have failed to galvanise a fan base low on goodwill towards their club. We can only hope that a good start to the campaign will convince supporters that a Saturday afternoon at Sincil Bank represents a better prospect than trawling round the shops yet again. Mind you, looking around the city there seems to be less people doing that at the moment. Having spoken to a number of fans, whilst their support is still there less are prepared to invest in a season ticket. They still want to go but are unwilling to commit to a whole season.

The name our stadium initiative has raised about £15000, a sum I had not anticipated myself but well below the hoped for £50000. I’m sounding increasingly less like a fan now, which I hope you will accept is not intended but I can’t see how on earth the board really thought that the idea would raise that sort of cash. The aspiration is now £25000. We’ll leave it at that.

Away from the blog but not the boardroom, rumours abound that Cambridge United are sniffing around hoping £30000 will persuade City to hand over Sam Smith and find someone else to score the goals. More chance of them taking the money than £25000 being raised by the name the stadium scheme in my view.

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