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Friday, 10 August 2012

Lincolnshire this week.

Skegness town councillors were left feeling far from jolly when they saw the proposals for a new statue of the resorts fisherman mascot intended for the railway station concourse. The figure is normally depicted skipping along with arms outstretched but this was decreed too much of a temptation for local children to swing from and the new design shows the iconic (and copyrighted) Jolly, prepared for Lincolnshire County Council, with his arms by his side. All this comes shortly after a spat between the town and East Lindsey District Council over unflattering comparisons with other resorts that left town officials embarrassed. Skegness Mayor Mark Anderson, said: "It looked like a Buddha, it was like a gargoyle basically. It was completely against what our image of our town is.

"People and businesses were upset by the publicity surrounding the poster campaign so we certainly do not need this now."

Chris Briggs, from Lincolnshire County Council, said: "There has been a recent accident at the station involving some of the new materials and we are aware there is a court case pending on that.

"So what we didn't want to do was produce another design which would entice children or whoever to swing on the arms of the statue, which could also damage it, and may lead to some claims.”

Just what Skeggy didn’t need especially now the sun has come out to rescue the disaster of the British summer although the good spell is predicted to be of the blink and you’ll miss it variety.

The Red Arrows are due to perform in Russia this weekend after a gap of 22 years since they last appeared in the country. The display is part of celebrations of the centenary of the Russian Federation Air Force and will be held 25 miles from Moscow .Maria Vassilieva of the BBC’s Moscow office said "I believe that the Red Arrows are quite famous in Russia,

"The kind of show they are doing is very different and the show which the Red Arrows bring to Russia is described as more elegant and stylish.

"These are the words which are used to describe them in all the advertisements which we can see now in Moscow."

A spokesman for the RAF added "This is an exciting opportunity for the Red Arrows to work with our Russian partners on a high-profile event, which will enhance the reputation of the UK's armed forces throughout the world."

Two weapons described as “magic swords” in today’s Echo have gone on display at Boston’s Guildhall museum. The swords are from the 13th or 14th century and are inscribed with runes that have not been deciphered. It is thought these writings were intended to invoke special powers in the owner. The swords were found in the River Witham and may even have been placed in the waterway, which was a major thoroughfare, deliberately as a votive offering to please the Gods. The artifacts were found in the river near Bardney. It is possible the inscriptions were not visible to the naked eye but have been revealed due to corrosion caised by their immersion.

Lord Monson, aristocratic owner of Burton Hall has turned to former Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Brian Paddick in an effort to solve the mystery of his sons death in a Kenyan police cell. Alexander Monson was arrested for smoking cannabis near his mothers home in the coastal resort of Diani south of Mombasa. "Brian is there to give me advice and tell me things so that it adds weight to my statements," Lord Monson said.

"He was very sympathetic about what happened to Alexander and I wanted to add him to the panel of advisors for the charitable foundation.

"I wanted him to get involved in the charitable foundation where I am using my son's case to help tackle some of the issues with policing in third world countries and he will be valuable to me in finding out what happened to Alexander.

"He is personally advising me and, since he has the ear of Nick Clegg, he is very useful. It is very sad that this young sprig of Lincolnshire has met his end like this so hopefully the foundation and the help of Brian Paddick can stop it happening to others."

A sombre end to this week’s news from Lincolnshire. Don’t think that has inspired me to visit that particular region. Wherever you’re heading, or if you’re staying put. Have a good weekend.

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