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Thursday, 2 August 2012

You can never have too many Imps.

It was announced several days ago that the name our stadium lottery had been won by fans fundraising group 12th Imp. The group are closely affiliated with the Vital Lincoln website.

The board at Lincoln City naturally reserved the right to approve the name put forward by the winning ticket holder and Steve Prescott was duly wheeled out to announce on BBC Radio Lincolnshire this morning to a distinctly underwhelmed Rod Whiting that henceforth the football ground would be known as the 12th Imp Sincil Bank Stadium. Whether there was any embellishment to the original proposal by 12th Imp by the board we will not know but at least the renaming was carried out in a dignified manner unlike a certain very high profile North East club one could name.

The group raised a staggering £1500 which led to 30 entries in the competition. Although the initiative did not produce anything like the hoped for £50000 nevertheless the draw did see £21000 for the playing budget which, I have to admit was greatly in excess of the amount I thought would be raised so well done to the club and particularly well done to 12th Imp. For a community club, a much used and much doubted epithet by many fans, it’s perhaps fitting that the stadium should now be named, essentially, after the fans who are any small clubs one constant feature, their 12th man. Again and again our fans have come to the clubs rescue and to their aid and here we have another shining example. One bit of bright news in what could be another dismal season with the Sam Smith affair putting a dampener on any pre season optimism.

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