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Friday, 12 October 2012

Lincolnshire this week.

It was announced this week that visitors to Lincoln's legendary Christmas Market will have a less crowded experience thanks to changes which are to be made to the layout. The market saw a 25% increase in attendance last year, after the heartbreak of having to cancel the year before and police had to close the entrance to the castle at one point. Holly Parker, events officer at the City of Lincoln Council, told BBC Radio Lincolnshire: "We've designed the castle to mean the flow of traffic going through is all one-way and we don't have any two-way traffic.

"We've also worked on a system where people come up Steep Hill and down Spring Hill, again, reducing the need for any two-way traffic where any conflict could happen."

It’ll be here before you know it.

The Lady Imps have shown none of the hesitancy of the Lincoln City board of directors, dismissing manager Glen Harris after only one season in charge despite finishing fifth in the FA Women’s Super League. Harris was philosophical: "It's a results business. The buck stops with the manager and we've not amassed as many points as we wanted to.

"They've decided due to our finishing position and how they want to move the club forward that they want a change of leader and ultimately I pay the price."

Chief executive Luke Negus-Hill said: "In our first season we got to fourth place and the ambition was to finish above that and we haven't quite achieved it, results haven't always gone our way.

"It's nothing personal. Glen's a great guy, he's done a great job and he's been instrumental in getting us to where we are, including getting us into the Super League, but it's a results business.

"We feel a change and a new impetus into the team will get us to where we need to be."

If you live or work in Boston you’ll know the locals can have a very cavalier attitude to parking in the town. Now some illegal parkers will be aware of the error of their ways, the police have been round the market place ticketing those parked outside the marked bays. Boston market officer alerted the police to the illegally parked vehicles who duly issued tickets.

Well, it’s been around for a fair while but Newport Arch in Lincoln has been placed on the East Midlands at risk register by English Heritage. This move is to attract support by way of grants to maintain the structure. The arch has vegetation growing out of it and nets have been put in place to prevent masonry dropping onto vehicles passing under it. There was that famous incident when a lorry got itself wedged under the Roman gateway but the historic entrance still stands. English Heritage says the move has enabled other buildings such as Taylor’s bell foundry in Loughborough and the Chapel of St John the Baptist to obtain financial help and hopes the Newport Arch could similarly benefit.

You can’t keep an old salt down and in the latest twist to the Jolly Fisherman saga it has been decided to keep the design for the new Jolly statue the same as it ever was and repair the existing one. He may get a new spade though. If the statue cannot be saved it will be replaced with an identical one. This brings the curtain down on a story that has been running as long as the old end of the pier shows.

Well, time for a plate of cockles and a nice Thermos of tea. Have a good weekend.

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