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Friday, 30 November 2012

Boston Christmas Market. Not a poor mans Lincoln.

I’ve often found, coming from Lincoln but working in Boston, there’s been a sort of “anything they can do “attitude. This is the wrong way of looking at things in my view. Boston is a great little town, whatever you may have heard to the contrary. There has been some really outrageous publicity and anyone would think Boston is mired in every kind of problem. It’s not.

I do however think that any notions that the town can compete with Lincoln or Peterborough on a like for like basis is misplaced. Boston has its own treasures and uniqueness and this is where, again, in my humble opinion, they should put their efforts.

So when it was announced there was to be a Christmas Market thoughts were, here we go again. However, I do have to say, they’ve really cracked it this time. The twice weekly market at Boston has always been the jewel in the crown and the market place has recently had a lot of money spent on it, not to universal local acclaim it has to be said but I like it. Some of the old features are or are about to be re instated, principally the “five lamps” which are a reproduction of an age old feature of the market place and the place has been really smartened up. With the Assembly Rooms now also due a facelift Boston is starting, once again, to look like it always should have been, the big noise in the south of the county.

The Christmas Market itself, whilst having elements of Lincoln’s famous yuletide effort, is nevertheless a completely different proposition having a more English flavour and it really does look the part particularly on this cold and frosty morning. If you’re in the south of the county or if you fancy a ride down from the Lincoln area over the weekend I would recommend it. You won’t feel it’s a duplicated exercise.

                             Get yourself down to Boston but it won't be this quiet for long!

Ps. Having been round again and made some purchases, I'm advised that the normal market is on tomorrow, then it's back to the Christmas Market on Sunday.

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