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Monday, 26 November 2012

Cup runneth not over.

A few weeks ago David Holdsworth would have been roundly condemned for sending out a below strength side to face Tamworth in the FA Trophy, only to lose the tie but now the fans seem to be largely understanding of the move.

Personally, I thought the trophy should have been very much in the sights of City although I also thought they would be able to put out a team more than capable of progressing, even a changed one, wrongly as it happens.

The problem with the trophy, in the general scheme of things, is that income will only start to accrue much later in the competition compared to the FA Cup which is next. You could say City will never win the FA Cup, not without my six numbers coming up anyway, unlike the Trophy which a club of the stature of the Imps ought to fancy their chances at but the prospect of immediate income is there in the FA Cup, substantial income if they could get past Mansfield. Maybe my imagination is running away with me but if the Imps could win the tie and draw someone decent at home and get on TV then the income from that could amount to a sizeable proportion of the budget, which hopefully the board would sanction spending on the squad.

Lets not get too carried away though.

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