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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Crisis? What crisis!

Last week I’d no sooner expressed the opinion that John Nutter might be in with a chance of a game, following his return from Woking, than word reached me, by twitter naturally that he was being released. Adam Boyd also went last week having barely registered on our radars.

This week Peter Bore became more intimately acquainted with the revolving door than he might have liked, he’s now history too. Nutter, surprise surprise, washed up back at Woking where, according to reports he had done well. Quite where Mr Bore’s future lies is anyone’s guess. All this does underline the transient nature of football at this lowly level but I suppose we shouldn’t complain. After all we were always moaning on about Lincoln City being used by footballers having the whip hand, now the opposite is definitely the case and woe betide anyone not doing the business on the pitch. Quite what all this means to the balance sheet one can only surmise although Mr Holdsworth does seem to have the financial interests of the football club very much at the forefront of his mind so we have to presume City got an advantageous deal. Perhaps that’s why he continued to enjoy the board’s confidence at a time most of us fans were having the jitters. Although we are hardly tearing the league to pieces at the moment, for my part I have to say they (the board) got it right and we, the fans rather lost our nerve.

I read in the Echo that City’s team plans are “chaotic”. Manager Holdsworth told Leigh Curtis :-

"It is an absolute nightmare," he said.

"We are already without a number of first team players while Jake and Scott picked up injuries at the weekend.

"But that's not the only problem; illness has been a worry too.

"I could be without nine players for Southport which would severely have an impact on us.

"But we'll go up there patched up and whatever team I put out I expect them to give it a real go."

A nightmare of his own making surely, with all these departures, I haven’t even mention loan deals. Why let players go if it was going to result in a shortage?

Personally I’m awaiting further news, could these departures mean arrivals? On the other hand if a player’s future lies elsewhere then we might as well grasp the nettle.

We will see how much of a nightmare tonight when the Imps travel to Merseyside. Maybe we’ll get stung maybe we won’t. (I know, I’ve got loads of ‘em)

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