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Friday, 18 January 2013

Reg is our man for the future - Bob.

As I write, the likelihood of us seeing any live football in Lincoln this weekend is looking extremely, well, unlikely so a look at the pages of the Lincolnshire Echo would seem to be as good a place as any to go for some football related entertainment.

An article headed “Lincoln City chairman Bob Dorrian keen to hand David Holdsworth a new contract” caught the eye. The on line version (I do hope you all still purchase your paper copy) features replies to the article and, as you can imagine there was some comment on this development, some of it amusing along the lines of oh well, we’ve missed out on Guardiola now, most, unsurprisingly, not ever so complementary. Quite clearly though the club, or at least the chairman are convinced they have the right man at the helm.

Then came the news that Southampton have sacked Nigel Adkins! Now this is rather outside our orbit but if ever a man was doing a decent job in difficult circumstances its Adkins. Leaving aside his ferrous antecedents which I suppose should make us grudging in our praise if I were chairman of that south coast club I would be thinking to myself that the club are heading in the right direction even given that Saints are favourites for the drop come the end of the season. Add into the mix the fact that Jim Gannon has been relieved of his duties at Stockport (again) then maybe Mr Holdsworth ought to be thankful that he is at Lincoln City.

Not that the Imps have always been a byword for forebearance and managerial stability, particularly (but not exclusively) in the John Reams era, when whatever money the club had was considerably eroded in the paying off of managers and subsequent higher salaries that had to be paid to those wary of our reputation.

So there we are, the club would like to secure the managers immediate future and that of the most influential players, and we applaud that naturally. An enforced layoff probably won’t do any harm either. As was pointed out in the article, injuries have played a big part in the latest mini slump. We thought we had a decent squad but for whatever reason, be it managerial inadequacy or the fact that the squad players aren’t as good as we thought they were, we once again peer down at something too awful to contemplate. It wasn’t long ago we were starting to gain some confidence. It’s a funny old game.

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