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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

To buy or not to buy, that is the question.

Had a twitter chat with John Pakey of the Lincolnshire Echo on the subject of whether City need to be adding to the squad at the moment. He was of the opinion that they need not.

Pakey’s argument, which was well reasoned I thought even though I don’t particularly agree, was that City don’t run a reserve side so where would none first teamers get their matches from? Also they were doing very nicely now so why upset the applecart?

I’m still haunted by the experience, back in John Schofield’s time of being at the top of league two, failed to recruit, didn’t get promoted and it was downhill thereafter despite the efforts of a plethora of managers (this being Lincoln City) and we now find ourselves in our present lowly position albeit buoyed by a cracking Christmas haul of points.

I’m also concerned that the club give me the impression, at times that they are content where they are. Pakey assures me that’s not the case. Who am I to argue? I just think football is like being in quicksand. If you stand still you start to sink. I’m a firm believer that the time to strengthen is when you think everything is fine and dandy.

That’s why I’m a fan and not a reporter or a club chairman. We’re not supposed to know anything. I just happen to put my thoughts out there to prove the point.

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