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Friday, 4 October 2013

Going up? Hang on a second.

City have re-established their good start to the season by arresting the mini slide with a win against whipping boys Hyde last Saturday. Gary Simpson was at pains to consign thoughts of the “P” word very much to the back burner as he told the Lincolnshire Echo that fans have not even got their winter coats out yet so it’s far too early to start dreaming of the promised land :-

“It’s common sense, we don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves because that will come back to bite you in the backside,” said Simpson
“We are a close knit group. They work hard for each other. In terms of budgets they are punching well above their weight. They don’t fear anybody and they are right not to fear anybody because on their day they can beat anybody.
“It’s the consistency level that the top teams get that go on to win promotions or get in the play-offs.
“We don’t know where we are yet. If we can get another 20 points in the next 12 games then we can see that consistency is coming along.
“We will take the games up to Christmas as one season, and then from there we will take the games after that as another season.”

Simpson refused to be daunted by the two match blip which got some of us in a tizz either:-
“One minute we can lose a couple of games and it’s a ‘crisis’, then we win a game and it’s the ‘play-offs’, it is ridiculous. We’re 12 games in, we’ve done okay, we would like to do better and we will keep trying to do better.”

Simpson did not disguise his desire to banish the last few disastrous seasons from the supporters memory in those statements though and if the Imps are to present their credentials at the top table they are going to have to go to the likes of Nuneaton, second in the table and get something from the game. Can they do that? Not long to wait before we find out.

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