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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Nat sits out one match.

We’ve all been bristling with righteous indignation at Nat Brown’s sending off and the red card has now been upheld and Nat will sit out a one match ban.
Imps player was not available when I wrote my blog but it is now and I can see that Nat prevented a goalscoring opportunity. It was a handball although the ball was drilled at Brown from close distance so how deliberate it was we don't know, the referee didn't give him the benefit of the doubt at the match or when it was reviewed. We shall just have to take it on the chin and get on with it. I said in the last article I’ve seen those sort of incidents brushed off by the referee and I stand by that but the referee did call it correctly and we must accept that. I’m really not very good at assimilating these incidents at the match, I’m a fan not a manager or referee but Chris Ashton did call it correctly in the commentary and naturally I bow to his superior knowledge. Referees are there to be shouted at anyway.
I can’t see Miller being back in time but we shall just have to see. The problem with going for quality over quantity in the squad means we are always going to struggle to fill the gaps when first choices are out. At least it’s just the one game.

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