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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Another dismal match prompts the question where do we go from here?

Last week’s Echo headline, as far as us City fans are concerned was “Moyses aiming to salvage Lincoln's season with top 10 finish”. After Saturday I’m afraid anything salvable from the Imps season will be heading to the incinerator at North Hykeham rather than the recyclers, it was that bad.

It’s very hard to be positive, mystified is more the emotion and that seemed to be shared by Mr Moyses in his post-match interview where he declared that the players had been sent on to the pitch with a strategy to win the game, given the ground conditions and everything else considered. They did not fulfil the coaching staff’s instructions. That much was obvious after Welling scored, completely against the run of play. They, up to that point had been chasing shadows but the goal put a spring in their step and derailed City completely. Another goal in quite similar circumstances followed. Even with half an hour to go a win was still well within City’s grasp but they didn’t even get close to grabbing it.

I’m quite prepared to accept Moyses explanation but the problem is the manager is supposed to impose his will on the team. Can you imagine John Beck offering such an explanation? There would have been blood on the pitch. I also question the roles of the support staff. David Preece seems to enjoy a very cosy and carefree existence and the results since John Schofield joined are redolent of, well the last time John Scofield was manager. I like the management though and still hope for success. City are safe for this season as the manager pointed out. He’s entitled to say that and it is an improvement but what if these results are replicated next season? It will be back to the old merry go round which brings me to what I consider to be the most salient point. What is the one constant in City’s recent existence apart from the fans? The board of directors. They have presided over this malaise. Again, I’ve got no axe to grind with them either, I know how difficult it is but the fact is all this has happened on their watch. Now I hear voices, quite credible voices telling me that inward investment, or at least the persons wishing to make investment, have been rebuffed.

City’s problems over the years have been poor management appointments and lack of cash. You could say that about many of the clubs. I’ve made poor decisions and suffered from lack of cash, I’m sure you have and I’m certainly not pointing the finger at anyone for that but I think if there had been anyone out there willing to come in and see if they could make a go of it I’d have snapped their hands off.

On to tonight and another Echo headline. Moyses will pick players he can trust. I just hope there are enough for a team and a couple of subs.

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