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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Fan-fare for Moyses.

Well the new season is upon us and Mrs A has organised a nice weekend at the seaside for us. This despite years of careful training and planning I find myself at Scarborough rather than Sincil Bank. Hey ho. Mind you there was a time when early August meant picnics and sandcastles rather than football it is all rather early.

So how does this blog view the upcoming fare I hear you ask, will it be a pitch invasion for all the right reasons come the end of the season? The Lincolnshire Echo is optimistic quoting Chris Moyses, now divested of that inconvenient director tag, who has introduced a new look professional mantra to go with hopefully superior fitness:-

"They are simple little changes, but they make a big difference in the atmosphere," said the Guvnor. "The standards in cleanliness and timekeeping create a professional environment and that rubs off on the players.
"As a result we are seeing a committed bunch who are getting in early to training and putting in the extra effort .
"But they can also cut loose with the fines court providing plenty of fun and banter, but it also instills a sense of self discipline."

The fines court being a jokey do-it-yourself style system the players will administer themselves to deal with minor misdemeanours, something Moyses hopes will boost morale.

The Echo states excitement levels are building amongst the fans but veteran superfan Chris Ashton as ever has his feet planted firmly on the ground:-

"This is Lincoln, we're not the sort of people to go shouting from the rooftops that we are going to win the league," He said. "There are plenty of other clubs out there who are doing that.
"We will go about our business and hopefully be looking towards the top of the division rather than the bottom of it as we have done in recent years."

Ah the Oracle, how we miss his column in the Football Echo and how we miss that publication too. His full title was of course The Oracle of Optimism, is he optimistic? I think I detect a frisson of anticipation.

As ever, this being Lincoln City, financial concerns are never far away and if there is any real sign of a thaw in the relationship with the Coop Bank I haven’t heard about it but Moyses isn’t letting that bother him quoting “Team Lincoln” as his epithet:-

"We are 'Team Lincoln'.We cannot worry about others, only ourselves. And we all need to come together.
"I feel that is happening. I am a fan, I know what this club means to people and I have its best interests at heart. I will be doing my upmost as I know others will.

"We will not be successful as individuals, we will only taste success as a team and we are all part of that team."

Now what happened the last time we titled ourselves Team Lincoln. Oh yes……..

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