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Friday, 20 November 2015

Moyses won’t repeat the mistakes of the past.

I know I do rather harp on about this but way back in John Schofields time City were riding high at the top of the League Two table but failed to recruit around Christmas time. City’s promotion bid fell away as did Schofields career at Sincil Bank.

I’m therefore very pleased to read in the Echo’s website that manager Chris Moyses is making provision for new recruits come the January transfer window. He’s a bit cagey about whether they might be needed as of course everything is looking reasonably rosy at the moment and with every prospect of further gains this weekend as City travel to Torquay.

Matters are helped considerably by having squad members out on loan and, presumably off the wage bill.

"Getting the number of players we have out on loan gives us the opportunity to save some cash up for when it comes to January. Said the Imps supremo

"There are a lot of games before then and we cannot judge yet what areas we will need to look at, but it is important that I use the budget in the best way."

Bigger earners Nolan and Nat Brown are expected to stay out on loan although Brown will return to Sincil Bank as he is carrying an injury. Moyses gives every indication that Nat is still part of his thinking although to my mind it’s hard to see where he might slot back in unless there are injuries. Nolan, I’m sure is off Moyses radar altogether although the City boss enquires regularly as to how he is progressing. That’s the sign of a good manager but I would imagine he is concerned solely with whether the former first teamer is likely to be off his hands for good which is a shame as he is certainly talented but instead of working extra hard to improve his consistency, which is surely what he should have been doing, simply bailed out.

Some you lose as they say.

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