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Friday, 21 October 2016

Imps battlebus fuelled and ready to go.

We had proof yesterday, if we needed it, that City are not regarding this season as a find your feet exercise and are fully engaged now with a promotion push.

Yet another quality signing, Elliott Whitehouse, another England C player was snatched from under the noses, we’re told, of Eastleigh who appropriately enough are tomorrow’s opponents. City then play Boreham Wood the following Tuesday so we will have a better idea of City’s credentials then.

The worry must be, I suppose that Danny Cowley will be poached away from us a la Braintree before he has brought any tangible results for all this effort both from him and the board who are sanctioning the enterprise. I don’t think anyone can accuse them of lacking the stomach for the fight or indeed not providing the necessary wonga for a successful season, not after all this investment.

In the meantime, as alluded to above we are now in a full on battle for the top of the table, really for the first time since relegation. I don’t think anyone believes what has gone on since then has been anything other than a survival exercise and certainly no real excitement for us, the fans, apart from pleasure at individual performances and wins. I wouldn’t want to say there has been nothing to cheer, there has but this is the meat and drink of what football supporting is about. It’s been thin gruel but let’s delight in the feast that is now being loaded onto our table.

Looking to the future there are now several players who don’t have much of a hope of football on a matchday. We need some strength in the squad of course but I’m thinking we perhaps will be saying goodbye to some familiar faces (and some not so familiar) before long.

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