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Friday, 28 October 2016

It’s a family affair.

The Echo is a fair reflection of how we’re all feeling at the moment I think carrying an article on Lee Beevers horror injury and, connected with it, Alan Powers re-emergence into the team. He’s been a bit part player this season and, with his contract up before too long I’m thinking we’d better enjoy his performances while we can.

Power is the sort of player I look at and marvel how good he can be then oops something goes wrong and I realise what a bad player he can be too. There was one mis placed pass, in fact it was a perfect pass-to the opposition but apart from that it was a welcome demonstration of what Al can do. I’d have given him man of the match to be honest even though he did come on as sub.

Then there is Lee Beevers injury which I’d realised was serious until my in house injury expert advised me it can in fact be career threatening and that was expanded upon in the Echo. The players have been visiting and are organising help for the DIY Lee was carrying out at his house. It’s a good read, have a look for yourselves.

Life goes on though, especially in football and this weekend City are in Chester where I lived for a year many moons ago. I’ve always regarded Chester as a bit of a bogey team. Way back, and I really mean it, City were pipped at the post by Chester for promotion by the tiniest fraction of a goal and ever since that I’ve always regarded them as having some sort of hoodoo when it comes down to the Imps.

I’m going to stick my neck out and say I’m very confident City will come away from Chester with something at least and it wouldn’t be a surprise if it’s three points. After that second half against Boreham Wood it’s going to take a very good side indeed to take anything off the Imps at the moment.

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