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Friday, 11 November 2016

Attention to detail.

I suppose there’s a tendency to start to think the job is almost done after the marvellous run the Imps have been on lately. The fact that City are still in the cup all adds to the general feeling of contentedness I’m sure we’re all feeling.

You only have to consider City almost slipped up in the cup against Altrincham though to realise that the next iffy patch could come along at any time and the squad’s not that big that adversity can be averted by some personnel changes. City have some options but not that many.

Injuries take their toll but it’s good to read in the Echo that Taylor Miles is ready to go out for a month or so to get match fit to slot back in the squad. There was some talk on twitter yesterday that Boston United or Gainsborough Trinity would be as good as anywhere for him to get his sharpness back.

The manager, for his part is not letting his natural enthusiasm cloud his judgement and told the Echo he thinks he has addressed the sloppiness that nearly marred the cup progress. I think that was a wakeup call to us all.

I don’t think there are any easy fixtures for City now to be honest, not now we’ve got North Ferriby out of the way and Cowley is certainly not expecting an easy time tomorrow saying Aldershot almost upskittled Forest Green last time out:

"They equalised in the 88th minute and conceded the winner in injury time. They were very unlucky in that game,"

"They would have been good value for the draw.

"They're a footballing side who try to play out from the back and through the thirds. They've got a lot of good footballers and are well organised”

Yes well we should all try to play through the thirds. Yes alright, I have no idea what he’s talking about but as long as the players do that’s all that matters.

Danny Cowley did mention the way the Imps lost it a bit at the end of the cup game when the opposite has been the tendency but I’m willing to bet that won’t happen tomorrow. Cowley doesn’t seem to be a ranter and raver but I think he has his way of getting his views across forcibly and that message will have been well and truly drummed in over the week. The players won’t want be hearing about that again in a hurry.

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