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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Sorry we got beaten by lowly Lincoln. Oldham manager.

Judging by the irate replies to my retweeting the Oldham manager’s apology to his clubs supporters many of you are not best pleased by Mr Robinsons explanation to the clubs fans that his team were basically roughed up by a physical Lincoln side and by the time they’d regained their composure and reasserted their silky skills it was too late. Several of his players were “beaten up” by City. An extraordinary explanation.

For an unbiased opinion I consulted colleagues at work here in Boston and did venture my own view that Oldham were a more sophisticated side with better players but poorer teamwork. Not at all came the reply, you were better than them full stop.

I certainly think it’s really poor form to offer the explanation he did. If he had said we were surprised by Lincoln’s workrate and organisation not to mention finishing in the first half and then got caught cold early in the second half and if we’d just had another ten minutes we’d have forced a draw I think many of us would have agreed. Not that the weather would have allowed it but they’d have still had another go.

The fact of the matter is that, hopefully on City’s part and unfortunately on Oldham’s the two clubs could be competing on equal terms next season but I would be surprised if Mr Robinson gets to pit his wits against long ball Lincoln any time soon.

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